March Madness

The Madness is Upon Us

March is finally upon us, and for basketball fans this means one thing—tournament time! The NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament has turned into one of the most popular sporting events in the entire country. Even those who don’t consider themselves sports fans find ways to get excited and join in the fun. This point is usually exemplified each year when the person who wins the office “bracket challenge” is the same person who thinks a home run is a form of scoring in … [Continue Reading...]

Danielle with her Donzi X-18 Speedboat

Dannielle Eidson in Her 1979 Donzi X-18 Speedboat!

Who Put The “X-Factor” in Exit Realty? It’s Dannielle Eidson in Her 1979 Donzi X-18 Speedboat! Realtor Rides has featured some of the coolest classic cars owned by some of Jacksonville’s most interesting agents. Your offer to share the story of your car as well as your suggestions for realtors with cool rides to showcase has made Realtor Rides very popular and I thank you! A few weeks back Dannielle Eidson asked me “does a Realtors Ride need to have … [Continue Reading...]

Tonya's Happy Belly Smile!!

Outstanding in the Fields at 13 Mile Seafood on Apalachicola Bay

“Eating an oyster is like kissing the sea on the lips” or so said dead French poet Leon-Paul Fargue! Tommy Wards Apalachicola Oysters have a special blend of sweet and salty unique to the Florida Panhandle. Oysters are like fine wine grapes in that they carry with them the essence of area where they are harvested. Oystermen call this “merroir”, the water equivalent of the French wine term "terroir". The “farm to table” movement began gaining serious momentum in … [Continue Reading...]

Panama Fever by Matt Parker

Panama Fever by Matt Parker

August 14th marks the 100th Anniversary of the opening of the Panama Canal. My friend Kenny Hicks who grew up in what was formally known as the “Panama Canal Zone” loaned me his copy of Panama Fever, it was near to impossible to put down once I started reading! With the pending widening of the Panama Canal the largest ships in the world will soon be able to take the short cut between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. There is hot debate in Jacksonville about the … [Continue Reading...]

Tonya's March Peppers

“No Meat March” Peppers

It’s No Meat March!  Wally and I take up the challenge each year, we find it’s a fun way to get creative with our food – check it out at  But we’re still busy people, so it has to be fast and easy.  So here goes – my version of a one pan meal – mix it up, throw it in some bell pepper cups, and toss it in the oven!  Wally’s not much of a sweet potato person (I LOVE them), but we get them from our friend’s garden, and with so many in our cupboard, I have … [Continue Reading...]

This Week’s Top Story

bezos podium

Barnes & Noble Bust, Wally Now #1 on Amazon!

Life for all of us in the real estate professions has changed dramatically over the past decade. Dramatic as they have been, our challenges pale in comparison … [Continue Reading...]

News You Can Use

High Water

My Realtor Told Me I Didn’t Need Flood Insurance!

 People need to realize . . . that houses flood even when they are not waterfront. They flood even in a normal neighborhood” Tim Nolan, flood victim . . . Orange Park, FL Tim’s home purchase was a dream … [Continue reading...]

TED Talks

TED – Technology…Entertainment… and Design…

Interested in “Ideas Worth Spreading”, then TED is your ticket! Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the world’s most creative minds could gather together to share their ideas in open forum?  What if each individual … [Continue reading...]

Declaration of Independence Signers

Revolutionary Research Revels American July 4th Independence Day Celebration Held on WRONG Day

Revolutionary Research Revels American July 4th Independence Day Celebration Held on WRONG Day for 237 Years! Meanwhile 317 Million Americans Wonder Why It’s NOT A 3-Day Weekend? Should the American … [Continue reading...]

The Mobile Chicken Tractor

Jacksonville Realtor Demands Commission on Sale of Chicken Coop. Frustrated Buyer Vows Agent Will Have Egg on His Face!

It started out as an innocent inquiry to a Craigslist add that read “Mobile Chicken Tractor at The Hen House in Callahan $450”.  From the photos and description it seemed we had found our dream coop.  It was an … [Continue reading...]

Change Your Clock and Change Your Batteries

Daylight Savings Time

You’re Going to Turn Your Clocks Back One-Hour on November 2nd…..But Why? You know the familiar memory device “spring ahead, fall back” used to assist you in remembering which way to move your clocks at the … [Continue reading...]

Jacksonville Inventor Bob Hawkinson

Jacksonville Inventor Bob Hawkinson

Jacksonville Inventor Get His Inventions Into Every Home Depot Store in America while Another Has Licensed His Patents To Mobile Phone Manufactures Around the Globe! Could You be the Next Millionaire Made on … [Continue reading...]

Mail Chime

You’ve Got Mail…….but how do you know WHEN it arrives?

Remembering back to my Naval Academy days there was no time of day as much anticipated as the delivery of the daily mail. Someone from back home was thinking about us, it was great.  We were so eager to here … [Continue reading...]

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