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Bring Home the USS Adams! Don’t Let Another Jacksonville Legacy Become Razor Blades Like the USS Saratoga!

 BRING HOME THE ADAMS! Only you can save “The Charlie Deuce” from the scrap heap! Don’t let another Jacksonville legacy become razor blades like the USS Saratoga! While the fight to save historic homes and buildings has captured the hearts, minds and headlines of Jacksonville, our Jacksonville Naval history is being quietly sent to the scrap yard.  So real is the risk that a scrap yard has been identified, International Shipbreaking in Brownsville, Texas.   How perverse … [Continue Reading...]

Wave to Pat!

Pat Leroy’s 1962 Chevrolet Bel Air 409

What kind of power under the hood does a former Turkey Point nuclear power plant operator need under the hood to drive his real estate performance team from Fleming Island to a $52 million waterfront community he’s developing in Green Cove Springs?       Ask Pat Leroy! Pat Leroy is a guy who loves power!  Nuclear power, real estate power and lots of power under the hood of his Realtor Rides. Pat spent 27 years making electric power at the Turkey Point nuclear … [Continue Reading...]

Some of the Jax Cigar Club Guys!

Jax Cigar Club

If the Most Interesting Man in the World was House Hunting in Jacksonville, what real estate professionals would he most enjoy sharing a cigar with? I don’t always smoke cigars, but when I do, it’s with the Jax Cigar Club!  The Jax Cigar Club was launched on a lark as an excuse for a few fellows to enjoy cigars together. Founding members David Neves of Watson Realty, Jeff Stoneking of Brightway Insurance and John Adams, Chase VP of lending quickly realized that if … [Continue Reading...]

Home Inspection Secrets

Getting Inside the Minds of the Greatest Business Leaders

What If There Were a Way to Get Inside the Minds of the Greatest Business Leaders Since the Dawn of Time Without Spending a Dime ?  Ben Franklin once said “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest”, and while that has proven to be true in my own life, it is also true that the investment can be quite expensive!  Yes, I’ll agree the cost of ignorance is even more expensive, but the problem remains that gaining knowledge is usually expensive. Yes you could go … [Continue Reading...]

Crawlspace Secret Salad

Tonya’s Special Crawlspace Secret Salad

Why a guy with a Naval Academy education would build a business that required him to creep on in his belly in crawlspaces is beyond me. It’s damp and dark, and the spiders, snakes and rodents really worry me. When something bites him I’ve got to hear him whine until it heals.  Men are such babies!  Since Wally’s not going to stop being a belly crawler anytime soon, I decided to give him an edge over the animals in the crawlspace with my “Special Crawlspace Secret … [Continue Reading...]

This Week’s Top Story

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Barnes & Noble Bust, Wally Now #1 on Amazon!

Life for all of us in the real estate professions has changed dramatically over the past decade. Dramatic as they have been, our challenges pale in comparison … [Continue Reading...]

News You Can Use

Google’s Sergey Brin is an All Cash Buyer!

Use HomePro as a Google Helpout

  If Google Founder Sergey Brin was looking to buy a home in Jacksonville, who would he trust to get his real estate questions answered? Sergey Brin would begin his search exactly the same way that … [Continue reading...]

barbara corcoran and wally conway jacksonville home inspection

Barbara Corcoran tells Wally how she Trumped Trump!

Her story starts much like many realtors we all know, she was a school teacher who took a part-time job as a real estate agent. Recently while in Orlando, I had the special pleasure of sitting down to hear … [Continue reading...]


Keep Your Home Safe During Hurricane Season- 5 Ideas from Jacksonville Home Inspector Wally Conway

Protecting your home can be a task outside of hurricane season, let alone when it starts up June 1. With the NOAA predicting up to 20 named storms this year if you haven't gotten your house ready for hurricane … [Continue reading...]


Easy Answers to End Clutter in Your Closets and Garage for Jacksonville Homes

There are many different ways to customize a closet in your Jacksonville home. The best way to start is by pinpointing what your individual needs and design tastes are. From there, a Tailored Living closet … [Continue reading...]


Chinese Drywall Victims Get Aided by US Congress and Senate

U.S. Representatives Ted Deutch (D-FL), Scott Rigell (R-VA), Alcee L. Hastings (D-FL), Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL), Randy Forbes (R-VA), Bill Posey (R-FL), Rob Wittman (R-VA) and U.S. Senators Mark Warner … [Continue reading...]


Chinese Drywall discovered by Jacksonville Home Inspector Wally Conway

http://www.GoHomePro.com Chinese drywall coming to Jacksonville? Jacksonville home inspector Wally Conway discovered over 1200 sheets of Chinese drywall that came in 2006 as part of a huge shipment during the … [Continue reading...]


Secrets to Closet Design and Organization for your Jacksonville Home

There are many different ways to customize a closet. The best way to start is by pinpointing what your individual needs and design tastes are. From there, a Tailored Living closet design organization specialist … [Continue reading...]

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