Thanksgiving Turkey

History of Thanksgiving

Pilgrims, Indians, and a National Holiday, Oh My! Thanksgiving has become a staple in American Society.  The Food, the football, the parades... But Thanksgiving hasn't always been this commercialized.  In fact, the first celebration wasn't even called "Thanksgiving".  It was simply an end of harvest feast. The pilgrims' fist winter in America had been marred with scurvy and other contagious diseases (only half the Mayflower's original passengers and crew lived to … [Continue Reading...]

Sandy Miller's Jaguar Hummer

Realtor Ride Sandy Miller

Sandy Miller is no fair weather fan of the Jaguars. Sandy Miller is a Champion! The Jaguars Champions Cub is comprised of fans like Sandy who are committed to the Jaguars log-term success in Jacksonville.  Sandy works directly with the Jaguars staff to develop the Jaguars fan base by assisting in ticket renewals, sales and club promotion. When Jacksonville Jaguars owner Shad Kahn revealed to the new team logo Jaguar fan Sandy Miller loved it.  She was … [Continue Reading...]

Slow Food Logo

Outstanding in the Field

Bald Home Inspector Discovers Lost Secret to Health, Happiness and Longevity. Search to Cure Male Pattern Baldness Continues, Millions of Men Remain Hopeful. You are no doubt familiar with the saying “you are what you eat”, but do you know how that phrase came to into common use? The earliest reference is credited to the French Dr. Anthelme Brillat-Savarin who wrote in 1826 “Tell me what you eat and I will tell you what you are”.  In 1863 German philosopher Ludwig … [Continue Reading...]

Wally and Emmitt

Game On by Emmitt Smith

When you listen to the NFL pundits speak about great running backs you will often here them use the term “vision”.  The ability to see the field ahead of them with an eye that guides them to and through holes in the defense before the holes even open.  If vision is the key to success as an NFL running back, the greatest vision in NFL history surely belongs to Emmitt Smith. Emmitt’s on-field vision guided him to an NFL record 18,355 yards rushing, (3) Super Bowls and a … [Continue Reading...]

Ceviche by Tonya


Tonya’s Treats from the Conway Kitchen As the weather warms it’s time to start thinking about things  to prepare in the kitchen that “cook” without heat.  Ceviche “cooks” itself in the refrigerator, that’s cool.   Never had ceviche, this quick mix of ceviche is a simple to prepare, so give it a try, you just might like it!   Ceviche Ingredients: 2 lbs of shrimp, diced (1/2” cubes) 1/2 lb of firm white fish, diced (1/2” cubes) – such as sea bass 3 … [Continue Reading...]

This Week’s Top Story

bezos podium

Barnes & Noble Bust, Wally Now #1 on Amazon!

Life for all of us in the real estate professions has changed dramatically over the past decade. Dramatic as they have been, our challenges pale in comparison … [Continue Reading...]

News You Can Use

Change Your Clock and Change Your Batteries

Daylight Savings Time

You’re Going to Turn Your Clocks Back One-Hour on November 2nd…..But Why? You know the familiar memory device “spring ahead, fall back” used to assist you in remembering which way to move your clocks at the … [Continue reading...]

Jacksonville Inventor Bob Hawkinson

Jacksonville Inventor Bob Hawkinson

Jacksonville Inventor Get His Inventions Into Every Home Depot Store in America while Another Has Licensed His Patents To Mobile Phone Manufactures Around the Globe! Could You be the Next Millionaire Made on … [Continue reading...]

Mail Chime

You’ve Got Mail…….but how do you know WHEN it arrives?

Remembering back to my Naval Academy days there was no time of day as much anticipated as the delivery of the daily mail. Someone from back home was thinking about us, it was great.  We were so eager to here … [Continue reading...]

A Good Domain Name

What’s in A Domain Name?

3 Easy Ways to Use Domain Names to Help Homebuyers and Sellers Choose YOU! Remember the dot com craze when internet nerds were selling domain names for millions? was auctioned for $5.1 million, … [Continue reading...]

Google’s Sergey Brin is an All Cash Buyer!

Use HomePro as a Google Helpout

  If Google Founder Sergey Brin was looking to buy a home in Jacksonville, who would he trust to get his real estate questions answered? Sergey Brin would begin his search exactly the same way that … [Continue reading...]

barbara corcoran and wally conway jacksonville home inspection

Barbara Corcoran tells Wally how she Trumped Trump!

Her story starts much like many realtors we all know, she was a school teacher who took a part-time job as a real estate agent. Recently while in Orlando, I had the special pleasure of sitting down to hear … [Continue reading...]


Keep Your Home Safe During Hurricane Season- 5 Ideas from Jacksonville Home Inspector Wally Conway

Protecting your home can be a task outside of hurricane season, let alone when it starts up June 1. With the NOAA predicting up to 20 named storms this year if you haven't gotten your house ready for hurricane … [Continue reading...]

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