Boyd: The Fighter Pilot Who Changed the Art of War by Robert Coram

Real Estate Marketing Secrets from John Boyd, America’s original Top Gun!

Boyd The Fighter Pilot Who Changed the Art of War by Robert Coram

Boyd The Fighter Pilot Who Changed the Art of War by Robert Coram

You saw him, I saw him, we all saw Tom Cruise as the renegade fighter pilot “Maverick” in the Hollywood hit film “Top Gun”.  Bad news movie goers, as a former Navy pilot myself, I’ve got to be the one to tell you that there is nothing close to truth in the movie.  And worse yet, the movie had no Real Estate Marketing secrets!

And who could forget Hollywood’s out of this world effort to make money on the wings of the bold and the brave with “The Right Stuff”.   Loosely based on the book by Tom Wolfe, that was loosely based on the facts surrounding America’s early entry into space. Nice movie but, again no Real Estate Marketing Secrets.

Fighter Plane

                  Fighter Plane

Thankfully, there really are larger than  life fighter pilots who paved the way not only for others to create some great hits on the movie screen, but cleared the skies of enemy pilots and provided the tactics that have continued to make American fighter pilots without peer in the sky.   And as it turns out, also created the greatest real estate marketing secrets ever told.

If there was a top secret aisle at the Jacksonville library or on Amazon, John Boyd would likely be the most famous, most revered and most read person in history!   And there’s your initial real estate marketing secret thanks to John Boyd.   If you and your real estate business are a SECRET, then fame, fortune and a fighter pilots swagger are not in your future.

It is a bad thing if your business is a SECRET to your customers!

While many of the John Boyd’s contributions to American fighter pilots remain classified to this day, his greatest contribution has been de-classified.   So some battle proven tactics for fighter pilots are now available to marketers ready to attack their competition!

John Boyd began his flight to fame, albeit top secret fame, chasing enemy jets down “Mig Alley” during the Korean War.   After the war Boyd became a student of the art of air-to-air combat. It was intrigue at first and ultimately an obsession with the secrets that allowed some to prevail while others perished.  Boyd’s  top secret to victory in battle in the air has been since it’s declassification an asset  to real estate marketing on the ground.

John Boyd believed that “to win in battle a pilot needs to operate at a faster tempo than his enemy” and that “whoever can handle the quickest rate of change is the one who survives”.  Does that not sound to you like a business secret worthy of study and implementation?


                   OODA Loop

The implementation of John Boyd’s secret became known as the “OODA Loop”, an acronym that ques the actions needed in battle or business for victory. Observe-Orient-Decide-Act!

Your use of the OODA Loop for “unraveling the competition” as Boyd described it begins with an Observation of your market.  The customers, competitors, opportunities and obstacles.

Having made your observations you need then to Orient how you fit into that mix.  Your strengths, weakness, history and expectations.  Getting where you’re going next, must always begin with knowing where you are.

With an assessment of the market and your present place in at this instant in time, you must decide how best to gain competitive advantage.. Make a decision and commit to a plan.

And most importantly, Act!   Right here, right now, take the action needed to win the battle for competitive advantage.   In the absence of action, there can be no victory in battle or business.

The brilliance of Boyd in the formulation of the OODA loop is in the fact that it is a Loop, it never ends.  The competitive battle you wage for your business though properly planned, provides direction years into the future, it is in fact the monthly, weekly, daily, hourly in fact minute to minute trips round the OODA Loop.

Business Strategy like Flying a Plane?

Business Strategy like Flying a Plane?

Studied, embraced and executed, using John Boyd’s OODA loop you will be able to “handle the quickest rate of change” to “operate at a faster tempo” to “unravel your competition”.  The faster you learn the OODA loop, and the faster you execute your OODA Loop, the faster your personal marketing will make you the top gun of your market!

Finally, a military secret de-classified that is indeed a business break through and not a business breaker.

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