Egg Muffins

Baked Egg Muffins

Baked Egg Muffins

You think you have no time for breakfast?  Think again!  I MUST have a morning breakfast that includes protein in order for my brain to function, but probably like you, the mornings always seem a bit too rushed to scramble up some eggs.  So I came up with egg “muffins”!  It takes me about 30 minutes to make these on Sunday, and bam!  I have plenty of breakfast for the week.  And so versatile… add your favorite fillings, meat, or nothing at all, and they taste great.  Enjoy!



12 cup muffin baking pan (regular size cups)

Pre-cooked breakfast meat: Bacon, Prosciutto, Canadian Bacon as desired

Finely diced red bell pepper or sweet onion or both if you’re feeling freaky!

12 Eggs

Salt and pepper to taste

Couple dashes cayenne pepper to taste


This takes WAY longer to type/explain than it does to make!


Preheat oven to 350 degrees.  Grease muffin pan cups generously with coconut oil (don’t bother with paper liners, they just make a mess out of your egg muffins…trust me on that).

Making Egg Muffins

Making Egg Muffins

You can do the meat part one of two ways.  I often line the bottom of the muffin pan cups with whatever meat I’m using, giving the egg muffin a solid “base”, essentially creating a “cup” for the egg to sit in.  However, sometimes I dice the meat and let it bake inside each egg muffin.  If using this method, just add 1 TB of diced meat to each muffin tin cup (this is best if using sausage in your egg muffins…just pre-cook the sausage into crumbles first).

Add a heaping teaspoon (or more!) to each muffin pan cup: diced bell pepper, onion, or other filling you like in your eggs. I often add chopped baby spinach.  You can certainly add some shredded cheese in the cup at this point if you’re so inclined.

Crack all the eggs into a separate container. I have a 4 cup measuring “bowl” with a pour spout that works great.  Add few dashes of cayenne, salt, and pepper.  Whisk well.  Pour the scrambled egg mixture over the filling that’s in each muffin pan cup – distribute equally.

Wally enjoying an Egg Muffin!

Wally enjoying an Egg Muffin!

Pop the muffin pan into hot oven for 17-18 minutes.  They will puff up substantially, but fall once you take the pan out of the oven.  Cool for at least 20 minutes, unless eating right away!  Take egg muffins out of pan, they should slide right out if you used coconut oil, then place in a sealed container.  Store in the refrigerator.  Each morning, pop one or two egg muffins in your microwave for 30-45 seconds to heat.  Sometimes I even enjoy one cold!


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