What are your greatest fears when you refer a home inspector?

xAngie Hicks podiumWhat are your greatest fears when you refer a home inspector? If you feel like most Realtors it’s “The home inspector is going to kill my deal” and “I’m going to get sued”! Here’s how YOU can Stop the Insantity!

When you think about it, the challenge is NOT in referring the RIGHT home inspector, the real challenge is NOT referring the WRONG home inspector!

 Referring the WRONG home inspector can kill your deal and get you sued!

 The task of NOT referring the WRONG home inspector was simple 20 years ago when there were only 9 home inspectors in the phone book. The top producers knew them all, and they knew who to refer.

 My how times have changed!  In Jacksonville there are now 871Florida Licensed home inspectors…..it would take you an entire career to try them all! There has got to be a simpler way!

 Wouldn’t it be great if you could know BEFORE referring a home inspector if it was a safe referral?  That what you were really referring was the shared experience of thousands of happy customers!  And that your referral could be made without liability on you. 

 The internet has changed how referrals are shared.  The collective experience of the entire community is now available for review.  Your customers are flocking online not only to select a home inspector, but also to evaluate the referral you made to them!  In essence they are evaluating you by the referrals you make to them!

 When a customer calls HomePro to schedule their home inspection they are always asked if they were referred by their realtor, most say yes.   Thank you for your referrals, they are respected and appreciated! 

 Sometimes customers tell a different tale.  Their agent referred a home inspector to them, but when the customer checked the reviews online, they did not trust the inspection company that their agent referred and now they don’t trust their agent!  OOPS!

 What are the most trusted rating and review sites that customers are checking?  Google, the Better Business Bureau and Angies List. 

 Google offers preferred home inspection websites, rates and reviews inspection companies as well as suggests other review sites.  Google loves HomePro Inspections!


xbbb logoThe Better Business Bureau scores as well as accredits home inspection companies.  HomePro Inspections is A+ rated and accredited by the BBB!

 Angie’s List is a true phenomenon!  Its millions of members shop the list loyally and are rabid in their reviews.  HomePro Inspections is the only inspection company in Jacksonville to have earned the 2013 Angies List Super Service Award!


When was the last time you checked these sites to see what the world is saying about the home inspection company that you refer?   Is their reputation a positive reflection on you or are they causing you to loose future referrals?


How would you like to be able to refer a home inspection company with zero risk?

 Your Risk Drops Like a Rock When you Refer the Home Inspection Company Rated Highest or Referred Most by Google, Angie’s List and The Better Business Bureau!

 Here’s how HomePro makes referring a home inspector simple and safe for you.  HomePro will provide you a formal written proposal for each home listed or under contract.

 The only information needed is the home address.  The proposal will be emailed directly to you or to your customer, both if you prefer.

When you share the proposal with your customer they can choose the service options that they feel most comfortable with.  They can choose just a home inspection or any of our service packages.  The more complete the package, the lower their risk and the lower your liability!

One stop shopping.  The choice is theirs, no risk to you!

xGoogle reviews logoThey may reject the HomePro proposal.  The choice is theirs, no risk to you!  Just keep the proposal in your file, it’s for your protection should a problem ever arise.

In fact, your risk just went to zero!  You have provided your customer with a written proposal from the most highly rated and reviewed inspection company in Jacksonville.  It’s okay if they choose another company, you have done your job and you are protected.