Barbara Corcoran tells Wally how she Trumped Trump!

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Barbara Corcoran with Wally Conway

Her story starts much like many realtors we all know, she was a school teacher who took a part-time job as a real estate agent. Recently while in Orlando, I had the special pleasure of sitting down to hear Shark Tank star Barbara Corcoran’s story in her own words.
She shared the story of how she started with a thousand dollars borrowed from a boyfriend and grew that investment into a $6 Billion dollar New York City real estate brokerage.
She sold that brokerage for $63 million dollars! Pretty good return on investment.
Barbara spoke about competing with long established top producers in her market, about how hard it was to break into real estate when she was an unknown agent with little money for marketing.
If you think it’s expensive to market in Jacksonville, imagine the expense for Barbara in New York City…the most expensive media market in the world!
There are some real estate super-stars for an agent to compete with in Jacksonville to be sure. Debbie Shagnea, Susan Kennedy, Elizabeth Hudgins, Kim Knapp, Randy Martin….and the list goes on, people who have become household names in Jacksonville real estate.
The household name in New York City real estate? Donald Trump! How’d you like to compete with him?
Donald Trump claimed to be building the most expensive condominiums in NYC, but Barbara had listings that were more expensive than those in Trump Tower, and was quoted in the New York Times as saying so. The Donald was not happy!
Trump mustered his lawyers and summoned Barbara to a meeting in Trump Tower. When he bullied her she stood her ground. Trump was in fact wrong, Barbara knew it AND Trump knew it too. Barbara also knew that if she could propose a truthful way for Trump to win, she would win.
Barbara knew that the Trump condominiums were not as large as Barbara’s her more expensive listings. She showed Trump what he had were the most expensive condominiums in New York based on the “cost per square foot”!
Barbara was writing a little newsletter at the time, “The Corcoran Report”. In her newsletter she wrote a short article about Trump Tower having the most expensive condominiums in NYC based on the cost per square foot. The Donald was happy!
Trump took out a FULL PAGE add in the New York Times with the headline: “Trump Tower the Most Expensive Real Estate in NYC according to Barbara Corcoran in The Corcoran Report!” She had done it, she had become a household name in real estate, not only in her town, but across the world.
Calculating a home’s value on the cost per square foot might make some sense for a high-rise condo in New York City, but it continues to baffle me what sense it makes for a single-family home in Jacksonville!
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If you find Barbara Corcoran fascinating on Shark Tank and would like to learn more about as well as from her, you will love reading your story in her own words “Shark Tales: How I turned $1,000 into a Billion Dollar Business”.

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