BOLD Business Performance and The ONE Thing

BOLD Business Objective A LIfe By Design

BOLD Business Objective
     A Life By Design

Got a Family Member, Friend or Vendor In A Business That Needs a Boost? It’s time for them to get BOLD Business Performance, and you can help!

Albert Einstein famously said “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results!” It is only when you are open to change that real growth is possible.

Most business owners and entrepreneurs as well as sales people allow their life to be run by default. They are overworked and frustrated by efforts that do not support the life they desire. They press the gas pedal harder in hopes of a better result only to discover that their personal life suffers, with no professional gain.

No one succeeds alone. When you see a peak performer you also see a coach.

Lombardi and Starr

Lombardi and Starr

In professional sports, Bart Star had Vince Lombardi. Mohamad Ali had Angelo Dundee. Joe Montana had Bill Walsh. And it‘s interesting that each of these coaches had hundreds of other athletes that they guided to peak performance.

The real estate industry has many great coaches. Tom Hopkins, Craig Proctor and Don Hobbs come to mind. These three legends have combined to deliver business development programs to over one million real estate agents! And at least one home inspector.

What is it that a business coach does? Quite simply they study the behaviors of the most successful people to create a model for success. They train you on how to implement that model into your own business. And most importantly over time thru feedback and repetition condition you to engage in the behaviors of success. Success is simple, it’s just not easy!

BOLD President Shob Kokoszka

BOLD President Shon Kokoszka

What is BOLD Business Performance? BOLD stands for “Business Objective, Life by Design”. BOLD Business Performance was developed by MAPS BOLD Business President Shon Kokoszka in response to the downward market shift. Since the development of BOLD in 2009 more than 70,000 people have graduated from BOLD averaging a 168% increase in yearly income.

This year Training Magazine named MAPS Coaching as the number training program in the world across all industries. Now BOLD Business Performance is coming to Jacksonville to deliver world class business development programs to every business owner, entrepreneur or sales person no matter the business niche. BOLD Business is coming to The BOLD City!

BOLD Business Performance is a transformative program designed to increase productivity of business owners, entrepreneurs and sales professionals through the relentless pursuit of business leads, conversion strategies and business building activates by training AND conditioning you to overcome your limiting beliefs, develop powerful influencing language and build a lead generation machine.

The One Thing

The One Thing

A common stumbling block on the success path is the constant battle to have enough time to implement. BOLD incorporates strategies that result in your doing less, not more. This is accomplished by the guided self-discovery of your most important things, distilled down to your “ONE Thing”.

Your ONE Thing is the answer to the clarifying question “What’s the ONE Thing such that by doing it everything else would become easier or unnecessary”. When the clarifying question is applied to each of the (7) most important areas of your life, you are living BOLD. That is a life by design, not by default.

BOLD Business performance is a six-step program, 6 full-days over 7 weeks to allow time for your new behaviors and success habits to form. BOLD is delivered live and in person to you by your BOLD Business Coach. Your BOLD Coach has been individually selected based on their real world business success, ability to effectively communicate as a coach and mastery of the BOLD Business Performance program.

Who is that family member, friend or vendor who is in need of a BOLD Business boost? Share with them that all they need do to get started living a BOLD life is to save their seat at the upcoming FREE BOLD Discovery Day by registering at They will thank you for transforming their life to a BOLD life!

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