The Conways go “Over the Edge”!!!

Calling All Eagle Scouts, Former Scouts, Family Members and Friends of Boy Scouts!

28 Pedestrians Were Killed by Cars last year in Jacksonville, Most While Crossing the Street! Do you Know Who Has Helped Millions of Little Old Ladies Safely Cross the Busy Streets of America Since 1910?

Walking is great for your health, unless you get hit and killed by a car!  Did you know that last year in America more than 4,000 people were struck and killed by cars, most while crossing the street? And sadly, 28 of those people killed crossing the street were right here in Jacksonville.  As concerning as those statistics are, there could be many more bodies in the crosswalks of Jacksonville if not for the fine work of the Boy Scouts.

xBoy Scout Cross StreetIn the year 1900 there were 2,485 cars sold in America.  At that time there was little risk of being hit by a car while crossing the street, however the risk of soiling your shoes while crossing the street by stepping in a steaming pile of horse poop was quite high.  Disgusting, but not deadly.

By 1910 the number of cars sold in America had increased to 83,663 and the risk of being hit by a car while crossing the street was rising rapidly.  The Boy Scouts were incorporated in America on February 8th 1910 by Chicago publisher William Dickson Boyce after being rescued by a Scout in London, England while “lost on a foggy street”. The buoy refused Boyce’s tip, explaining that he was a Boy Scout and was doing his daily good deed.

The legacy of helping little old ladies across the street may originally not have been a gender specific good deed.

So, what’s the life of a little old lady worth?  What if the little old lady in question was your grandma…your ma…your wife?  Maybe YOU are a little old lady? Your gift of just one dollar for each of last years 28 fallen pedestrians, a gift of only $28 dollars can help the Boy Scouts stop the senseless deaths of pedestrians crossing streets.  If able give more so that more little old ladies might live!

 xOver-the-Edge good causeYou’ve seen that group on TV raising $19 per MONTH with close-up pictures of lonely dogs. Surely Grandma getting across the street is worth at least as much as a stray dog? Don’t make me start publishing pictures of little old ladies squished in cross walks…that’s not a pretty picture!

So this is the part of every fund raising story called “The ASK”.  I’m personally asking you to help me to help Scouts.  Made up a goofy story to get your attention, entertain you with some a goofy attempt at humor and get your support for Boy Scouts.

On May 16th me and my wife Tonya are going “Over the Edge” of the EverBank Building.  That’s right we are “Edgers” repelling the 32 stories, that’s 442 feet down the face of the building, all to raise money for Boy Scouts.  The Boy Scouts need your help to sponsor “Edgers” like Tonya and me, or to be any “Edger” yourself.  Please go to to sponsor, to donate or to participate.

xTonya and Wally Conway May 2014aIf you have questions email me or call me 904-268-8211

Please go RIGHT NOW to to be included in this awesome event as a Sponsor, Edger or to donate.  I really appreciate your helping me out on this one!

 Once on the site click “Donate to An Edger” and put in the name of the Edger. You can feel how easy this is when you visit the site by entering Wally Conway or Tonya Conway with your donation. (call to action)

Every dollar you donate is a huge help toward reaching the goal of raising $1000.  When you register as an Edger or Sponsor, I will share with you how to integrate the event into your marketing, as well as integrate you into other ongoing promotions