King of the Muddy Action Photo!

Doug Othmer has become the “King of the Muddy Action Photo”!   He was inspecting an (8) unit apartment complex in San Marco that had a crawlspace.  A single family crawlspace is enough mud, spiders and critters to deter most people.  An apartment building with a crawlspace is yet another level of commitment!   Getting good […]

What’s Hanging Out in Your Crawlspace?

If a rodent, reptile or root eater naturally forages the forests of Florida there’s likely a few of its family members are creeping and crawling in your crawl space! HomePro inspectors revel what’s breathing and breeding below your bed while you sleep…..and how to get them out and keep it out!ro  What’s the best part of […]

Chinese Drywall discovered by Jacksonville Home Inspector Wally Conway

Chinese drywall is not just a problem of the past! I found this warehouse full of Chinese Drywall this fall, it is laying in wait to end up in your home! If you would like to be sure that there is not Chinese drywall in your home, no matter when it was built, you can […]

Good Times with Homepro and HGTV

When Hippies Design Houses

This house was built in Gainesville in the 70’s by a student from UF.  It was his idea that homes built like upside down swimming pools would be inexpensive and efficient.  Guess he figured ugly was no problem!

Stuck in a Stinky Crawlspace

All the good stuff is in the same place as all the gooey stuff!  Be darn glad that you have a HomePro home inspector!  It really does stink down there!