Dannielle Eidson in Her 1979 Donzi X-18 Speedboat!

Who Put The “X-Factor” in Exit Realty?

It’s Dannielle Eidson in Her 1979 Donzi X-18 Speedboat!

Danielle with her Donzi X-18 Speedboat

Danielle with her Donzi X-18 Speedboat

Realtor Rides has featured some of the coolest classic cars owned by some of Jacksonville’s most interesting agents. Your offer to share the story of your car as well as your suggestions for realtors with cool rides to showcase has made Realtor Rides very popular and I thank you!

A few weeks back Dannielle Eidson asked me “does a Realtors Ride need to have wheels”?

Being unsure where her question was going and maybe just a little bit scared, I asked her what she meant. It was then that she told me that she thought it would be neat if Realtor Rides showcased a Realtors boat!

As Dannielle shared the story, “It all started when I started hanging out with a boy who had a Donzi X-18 classic speed boat. When I stopped hanging out with the boy, I realized I did not miss him, but I really did miss that Donzi”.

And so began Danielle’s search for a classic Donzi X-18 of her very own.

Donzi speed boats were designed by the legendary Miami boat builder Don Aronow, who was also the genius behind Magnum Marine, Cigarette and Formula boats, all built at his shop on “Thunderboat Row” along the Miami River.

The speed of Aronow built boats made them the vessel of choice for drug smugglers. It was his connection to cocaine runners that led to Aronow being gunned down gangland style on February 3rd 1987. The death of Aronow only made Donzi’s more desirable, especially for a rogue real estate agent like Danielle!

Donzi X 18s were made in limited edition, fewer than 200 were ever produced. And as you can well imagine those built prior to Aronow’s murder are especially desirable.

350 Small Block Engine

350 Small Block Engine

Danielle found her 1979 Donzi X18 in Michigan and had it hauled down to Florida in April of 2006.   Dannielle describes “My boat has a 350 small block Chevy engine and tops out at about 55 to 60 MPH, but there are Donzi 18’s  that have been modified to go over 100MPH! WOW!”

It’s common during the Realtor Rides interviews that a guy brags about how attractive his ride is to the ladies. It turns out that guys are not the only gender to be influenced by how their ride might be a used to attract some love!

Danielle declares “When I pull up in my Donzi men always come out to look because it sounds like a Harley on water.” Be sure to ask Danielle to show you her Donzi tattoo!

Danielle grew up canoeing and sailing and is also an avid fisherman. She has fished the banks of Black Creek, Doctors Inlet and Lake Asbury, but also been offshore “deep sea fishing with the big boys”. On one trip she claims to have boated seven Marlin! No pictures were made available to Realtor Rides, so you really should ask her to show those pictures to you just to be sure.

Donzi Speedboat

Donzi Speedboat

She has done three poker runs to raise money for charity in her Donzi which she says are super fun and Danielle’s also a member of the Jacksonville Powerboat Club. “I always try to pick up a new listing or buyer while there. It is a great conversation starter”.

While Danielle actively promotes her real estate business to her boating friends, she has yet to show property to a buyer in here boat. “I have always dreamed of taking people in the Donzi to see waterfront property”!

And I’ve always dreamed of boating up to a water front estate to do a home inspection! Truth be told I did do that once at a home next to Club Continental in Orange Park.

It was a few years back on an HGTV shoot for House Detectives. But to be true, it was a typical staged TV entrance. The boat used for the show actually belonged to the home owner. The producers saw the boat, knew I was a boat guy and could not resist the writing my arrival by boat into the script.

Thank you Danielle Eidson for expanding the reach of Realtor Rides to include boats. What’s next for Realtor Rides? That’s up to YOU! Share YOUR Realtor Ride with me Wally@MrHomeInspection.com by land, by sea or by air!

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