Deadline Nearing to Appeal Your Florida Property Taxes!

Can you afford to pay more than necessary? Appeal your property tax bill today for only $95 out of pocket! The benefits of our service far outweigh the initial investment. Though our fees are based only on a single year of tax savings. Our clients typically reap the rewards of our service several years after. Our plans are very cost effective and can be tailored to each clients specific needs to maximize their savings.

The chance to challenge ends for Jacksonville residents on Friday September 13th, even soon in Clay and Putnam Counties!

• What are the chances your property taxes are too high? According to the National Taxpayer’s Union, over 60% of all real estate in America is over assessed. Click Here for video. Due to the large volume of valuations they have to perform, County appraisers have no other choice than to use CAMA or Mass appraisal techniques. These methods of valuation are designed to create revenue in conjunction with assessments. Our Assessment Audits use professionally accepted fee appraisal techniques that are highly accurate and reliable in gaining reductions for our clients.

• What are the chances of receiving a reduction using NPTCI? 3 out of 4 or 76% of our clients from 2010 through 2012 received an average savings of 25% on their property tax, with several receiving reductions as high as 80% to 90%.

• Think your property is too small? No parcel is too small. We are one of very few firms that accept single family clients. The majority of our competitors target high valued commercial clients exclusively. We have plans tailored to make it cost effective for all tax payers.

• Would you like peace of mind? Our clients know they are being fairly and accurately assessed after using our services. We have put together a comprehensive team of professionals with the experience, education, background and training our clients require. We have built relationships with the county appraisers and have earned the respect of the special magistrates and Value Adjustment Boards/Board of Equalization members. Our staff and resources rival any large real estate commercial/residential firm. We present the most reliable and credible evidence on your behalf for success.

Challenge your property tax assessment today at before its’ too late!