Newsletter Marketing by Shaun Buck

Okay, you want the truth about Shaun Buck’s book “Newsletter Marketing” here’s the truth…I’ve had doing a newsletter on my to-do list since 1994 when I started HomePro Inspections! I got Buck’s book and within 30 days had a four page, full color newsletter published, printed and mailed to 500 real estate professionals. That July […]

Jimmy Nicholas’s Small Business Marketing-Your Ultimate Guide

In 1997 as a 15 year old kid Jimmy Nicholas discovered the internet and taught himself how to build simple websites. Armed with only a teenager’s enthusiasm and the Yellow Pages, Jimmy started calling business’s asking if they need a website. After being told “NO” 250 times, a local jewelry store owner said, “Sure, come […]

Uncensored Sales Strategies by Sydney Biddle Barrows

Uncensored Sales Strategies: A Radical New Approach to Selling Your Customers What They Want-No Matter What Business You’re in…Even Real Estate! With a gift for sales, Sydney Biddle Barrows, once known infamously as the “Mayflower Madam”, found wealth in selling her customers exactly what they wanted, and shockingly, it wasn’t sex! Yes, ultimately sex was […]

Wally’s Reading: Jake Steinfield’s Book

“I heard about what you’ve been doing for other actresses around town and I want to talk to you about your services for me and a very close friend of mine too!” To be sure I get a lot of voice mails about ladies in need of my services, but none quite like that one […]

Getting Inside the Minds of the Greatest Business Leaders

What If There Were a Way to Get Inside the Minds of the Greatest Business Leaders Since the Dawn of Time Without Spending a Dime ?  Ben Franklin once said “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest”, and while that has proven to be true in my own life, it is also true that […]

What the Plus! Google+ for the Rest of Us by Guy Kawaski

What’s Wally Reading Now? What the Plus!  Google+ for the Rest of Us by Guy Kawaski   Why in the world do you need another social network? If you’re like me, you’re already overloaded with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and the list goes on! The last thing you need is another social network to suck time! […]

Who Knew…Ben Franklin was printing “Benjamin’s”?

What’s Wally Reading? The Autobiography of Ben Franklin  It’s true…… I’ve got a man crush on Ben Franklin. Probably had it my whole life. Wasn’t sure what I was really feeling. I’m ready now to share my secret.  As a young kid growing up in Camden, New Jersey it was a short fifty cent bus ride […]

What are your greatest fears when you refer a home inspector?

What are your greatest fears when you refer a home inspector? If you feel like most Realtors it’s “The home inspector is going to kill my deal” and “I’m going to get sued”! Here’s how YOU can Stop the Insantity! When you think about it, the challenge is NOT in referring the RIGHT home inspector, […]

First Time Homebuyers, have you thought about what life will be like owning instead of renting?

Liz “The Real Estate Wiz” Bobeck From a Real Estate Colleague in Canada….good check for first time home buyers. Is that house really affordable? A reality check for first-time buyers A year in the life of Canadian households: Spending on water and sewer bills up 2.7 per cent. Spending on natural gas for home heating […]

The Home and Garden Show now available FREE on iTunes with Jacksonville Home Inspector Wally Conway

Everything you needed to know about home improvement! And now available to you FREE on iTunes so you will never miss a show again. Truth be told, some fans of the Home and Garden show have a little trouble getting up at 7 AM on a Saturday morning. If you miss a minute of the […]