Florida to Limit Medical Malpractice Claims to Fee Paid to Doctor! Is This Justice?

A recent search for LASIK eye surgery revealed that there are now numerous locations where you can have the procedure for $299 per eye. The thought of choosing the cheapest eye surgeon in Jacksonville is frightening, yet people are flocking to these discount centers.

MalpracticeImagine the horror of being blinded by an act of malpractice. And that horror is made worse when you discover that the limit of the surgeon’s liability is $299.

When your loved one is in need of medical help, would you prefer they sought out the cheapest provider or a highly regarded professional in their specialty?

In Florida, the limit on medical malpractice liability is NOT the fee paid. And there is no reasonable chance of the Florida Legislature ever passing any such law.

A recent informal survey conducted at the Jacksonville chapter of The National Association of Certified Home Inspectors found that nearly all home inspection contracts limit the inspector’s liability to the fee paid!

While many home inspectors claim to “stand behind their work,” it is a hollow claim. The consequence of most home inspection contracts is that, if your home inspector were to “miss something,” a simple return of the fee is the sum total of any recovery available to the consumer. When a homebuyer feels harmed by your referral, they often look to you for relief.

While there is no reasonable scenario where you should be held liable for the negligent acts of a home inspector, it is normal to feel that your customer would blame you for the negligent acts of a home inspector that you have referred. It doesn’t have to be that way!

Buyback Guarantee

Buyback Guarantee

Ask your preferred home inspector what their limit of liability is in their home inspection contact. You can feel safe referring a home inspection company with a $10,000 limit of liability IF they also offer a buy-back guarantee. When you ask this question, be prepared for the home inspector to look at you like you are from Mars. It’s an alien concept to them!

What enables a few home inspection companies to offer such protection, while most choose only to return the home inspection fee?

  1. Most home inspectors lack the experience to feel confident in putting their own money at risk. They are more comfortable putting your client’s money at risk.
  2. Most home inspectors have not made the investment in infrared cameras, digital bore scopes, and other equipment. They work with only a flashlight!
  3. Most home inspectors lack the cash on hand to pay a claim beyond the fee they just received.

The truth is that a home inspector cannot afford the training, equipment, and thoroughness to offer such awesome consumer protection by being cheap. For less than a single mortgage payment, your customer can have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that the home inspector you referred has the time, talent, and resources to deliver the best protection that money can buy. And you can sleep well knowing that the chance of you being sued for a negligent referral is near zero.

Certified Master Inspector

Certified Master Inspector

Where can you find a home inspector to refer who offers this level of protection to you and your customer? Thank you for asking! There is an office full of such inspectors at HomePro Inspections. Simply send your customer to www.MrHomeInspection.com or call 904-268-8211.

Sleep well, my friend!



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