No Bake Energy Bars

No Bake Energy Bars These bars meet my 3 requirements: fast, easy, and yummy!  This is a wonderful mid-afternoon energy boost – I’ve even had a slice (or two) for breakfast.  I try to keep some of these in my refrigerator regularly, but Wally can never eat just one!  My favorite part of this recipe […]


Tonya’s Treats from the Conway Kitchen As the weather warms it’s time to start thinking about things  to prepare in the kitchen that “cook” without heat.  Ceviche “cooks” itself in the refrigerator, that’s cool.   Never had ceviche, this quick mix of ceviche is a simple to prepare, so give it a try, you just might […]

Stupendous Strawberry Pie

Can’t take the heat in kitchen, no worries, this recipe is all raw! It tastes fantastic and I promise that it will rival any dessert you’ve ever tasted. Don’t get scared but, it’s also gluten-free, dairy-free and sugar free. It’s great for you and food that’s this good for you never tasted so good! Giving […]

What’s Super-Single Dad and Certified Master Inspector Austin Barbour and his boys been up to lately?

Austin reports “nothing terribly exciting has happen over the last few months except events with my boys Dylan and Tyler, it’s really been great.” Austin and the boys went to SeaWorld for the first time last month, then down to Legoland for a nice get away weekend. Other recent adventures of the Barbour Boys have […]

Potato and Squash Gratin

Wally claims that the only food from a can worth consuming is beer. And that’s only if his Bold City growler is empty.  Most everything we eat at home is locally grown by Francisco Arroyo down in Fruit Cove at  Franciso puts a bag of fresh harvested goodness together for us each week.  You […]

Tonya’s Chickpea Salad with a Manly Kick

Its fun to see how many different colors you can get in a single dish, yet still be simple to prepare. With a dozen different ingredients this Chickpea salad pops with color and gets a kick from the feta and balsamic vinegar. Even simple salads can be exiting when you look beyond the ordinary. When […]

Tonya’s Special Crawlspace Secret Salad

Why a guy with a Naval Academy education would build a business that required him to creep on in his belly in crawlspaces is beyond me. It’s damp and dark, and the spiders, snakes and rodents really worry me. When something bites him I’ve got to hear him whine until it heals.  Men are such […]

Featured Inspector: Larry Newland

How the heck does a Certified Master Inspector who grew up in South Florida wanting to be a rock star end up as an offshore power boat racer hanging out with Oprah?   Larry Newland is a Certified Master Inspector, loves being a Certified Master Inspector, and works almost exclusively by referral as a Certified […]

Tonya’s Real Chocolate Tapioca Pudding

Tonya’s Treats from Conway’s Kitchen   Tonya’s Real Chocolate Tapioca Pudding Truth be told we are not really dessert people in the Conway household.  Most meals do have some fruit as a sweet treat, but dessert as you might think of them are very rare to be had in our home.  That being said, after years […]

Welcome to the Family, Tasley!

What Experiences Best Prepare a Person to Answer 247 Phone Calls A Week from Realtors Scheduling Home Inspections?  How About Dolphin Trainer, Snowboard Instructor and Certified Therapy Dog Trainer? Yep, That’s HomePro Inspections’ Tasley Wheeler! Being raised in the frozen tundra known as Rochester, New York and being in love with of all things outdoors, […]