Who Reads “Secrets of a Happy Home Inspector”?

Who is reading “Secrets of a Happy Home Inspector”?    Here are just a few locals and celebrities who stopped to say “Hi”!  

Who’s Reads “Secrets of a Happy Home Inspector?

                                                    Google+  Authorship      https://plus.google.com/117637357764309333555?rel=author Google Places              https://plus.google.com/117105783407581893726/about?hl=en Amazon               http://www.amazon.com/Inspection-Secrets-Happy-Inspector-ebook/dp/B00DH0M5NU/ref=sr_1_14?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1372245617&sr=1-14&keywords=home+inspection  

Inspector In The Spotlight: Allen Schimmelmann

In 1985 Allen Schimmelman’s Wife Told Him to “Go Fly a Kite”. Being an Obedient Husband He’s Now Been Flying Kites on the Beach for 30 Years! Funny how hobbies morph into obsessions. After Allen’s wife Kay bought Allen his first kite he fell in love with kite flying. It is believed that the kite […]

Inspector in the Spotlight: Mike Binaco

The question is often asked “what background makes for a successful home inspector”? Being ever on the hunt for home inspectors to join the HomePro Team, it’s a question I often ask. There is no one answer that is an absolute predictor of success, but an answer that I once got from HomePro Inspector Mike […]

What are the Inspectors up to

Super-Dad and Inspector Austin Barbour is focused on family!  He and his boys, Tyler and Dylan had an extra active summer playing pirate while exploring the pirate ship down at the St Augustine City Dock. The Barbour Boys come from a long line of pirates, even Grandpa Barbour got into the act, but it was […]

What’s Super-Single Dad and Certified Master Inspector Austin Barbour and his boys been up to lately?

Austin reports “nothing terribly exciting has happen over the last few months except events with my boys Dylan and Tyler, it’s really been great.” Austin and the boys went to SeaWorld for the first time last month, then down to Legoland for a nice get away weekend. Other recent adventures of the Barbour Boys have […]

Featured Inspector: Larry Newland

How the heck does a Certified Master Inspector who grew up in South Florida wanting to be a rock star end up as an offshore power boat racer hanging out with Oprah?   Larry Newland is a Certified Master Inspector, loves being a Certified Master Inspector, and works almost exclusively by referral as a Certified […]

Welcome to the Family, Tasley!

What Experiences Best Prepare a Person to Answer 247 Phone Calls A Week from Realtors Scheduling Home Inspections?  How About Dolphin Trainer, Snowboard Instructor and Certified Therapy Dog Trainer? Yep, That’s HomePro Inspections’ Tasley Wheeler! Being raised in the frozen tundra known as Rochester, New York and being in love with of all things outdoors, […]