Game On by Emmitt Smith

Game On by Emmit Smith

Game On by Emmit Smith

When you listen to the NFL pundits speak about great running backs you will often here them use the term “vision”.  The ability to see the field ahead of them with an eye that guides them to and through holes in the defense before the holes even open.  If vision is the key to success as an NFL running back, the greatest vision in NFL history surely belongs to Emmitt Smith.

Emmitt’s on-field vision guided him to an NFL record 18,355 yards rushing, (3) Super Bowls and a first ballot induction into the NFL Hall of Fame.  When Emmitt Smith speaks of his vision he shares the story of an 8 year old boy in Pensacola whose vision was to become a Dallas Cowboy.

From the time Emmitt first set foot on the field as a Dallas Cowboy he had vision beyond the football field.  Emmitt Smith wanted to be in real estate so he sought out Dallas Cowboy legend Roger Staubach as his real estate mentor.  Off seasons were spent working in Staubach’s real estate development company.

The Staubach Company is a story itself, having sold last month for $613 million dollars.  Not a bad payday for my fellow US Naval Academy graduate, Roger Staubach!

After retiring from football in 2004 Emmitt was able to follow his vision into real estate when he teamed up with Staubach to form Smith/Cypress Partners, a real estate development enterprise specializing in transforming underutilized parcels of densely populated areas into commercially viable properties.  His first deal was for $45 million….nice run Emmitt!

It’s rumored Emmitt was in Jacksonville around the time of One Spark.  There are more than a few underutilized parcels downtown that could use his vision. Good thing he knows HomePro inspects commercial buildings!

Emmitt and Cheryl on "Dancing with the Stars"

Emmitt and Cheryl on “Dancing with the Stars”

Being a man of vision Emmitt continued to scan for challenges beyond real estate.  That’s when he saw former San Francisco 49’er Jerry Rice on “Dancing with the Stars”.  Jerry Rice is the only player in NFL history to have scored more touchdowns then Emmitt.

Jerry was the runner up on season 2, Emmitt competed on Dancing with the Stars in season 6 with the vision to win.  Emmitt Smith was the winner, he had surpassed Jerry Rice!

Meeting Emmitt Smith in Dallas recently, the first thing that struck me is that I’m taller than he is!  The second thing was his sense of humor.  When I gave Emmitt an autographed a copy of my book “Home Inspection Secrets of a Happy Home Inspector” he laughed and said “hey, YOU got an Amazon Bestseller…..I don’t have an Amazon Bestseller…yet!”  I now know how Jerry Rice felt when Emmitt set his vision on winning Dancing with the Stars!

Much like Naval Academy graduate Roger Staubach committed to help Emmitt Smith with his vision to succeed in real estate, Naval Academy graduate Wally Conway has committed to help Emmit with his vision to have an Amazon Bestseller.

Please buy Emmitt Smith’s book “Game On: Find Your Purpose—Pursue Your Dream”. It’s an awesome read that encourages you to live your God-given dream. Emmitt shares from his own story that it’s not just vision and talent that propel us toward your dreams, but also a combination of determination, persistence, humility, courage and faith.

Wally speaking at Peak Performers

Wally speaking at Peak Performers

You’ve no doubt noticed that every book review in this newsletter has been written by someone I’ve known or have recently met.  Charlie “Tremendous” Jones famously said “You are the same today you’ll be in five years except for two things: the people you meet and the books you read”.

After Emmitt addressed our audience of over 1000 authors, business owners and entrperuers, I had the honor of taking the stage with several of my “Peak Performer” friends along with our mentor Lee Millteer. Among the blend of friends you see behind me are the winners of the GKIC Marketer of the Year competition for each of the past three years, the publisher of this newletter, the manager of my Facebook ads, a buddy who started a web design company before he was old enough to drive and a former Navy submariner who recently sold his company for over $10 Million dollars.

Wally and Emmitt

Wally and Emmitt

My vision one year ago when the “What’s Wally Reading” feature launched was to share with you the books I’ve read and the people I’ve met.  Each has had an emmensly positive impact on the success of HomePro Inspecitons, the peace in my life or sometimes just plain fun.

Looking to hone your own vision?  Read Emmitt Smith’s book “Game On”!  Looking to close more deals, manage your liabily and create and all referral real esate business?  Get my book “Home Inspection Secrets of a Happy Home Inspector”, Emmitt did!

One last thing out of respect for Emmitt….Go Gators!