Getting Inside the Minds of the Greatest Business Leaders

PortraitsWhat If There Were a Way to Get Inside the Minds of the Greatest Business Leaders Since the Dawn of Time Without Spending a Dime

Ben Franklin once said “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest”, and while that has proven to be true in my own life, it is also true that the investment can be quite expensive!  Yes, I’ll agree the cost of ignorance is even more expensive, but the problem remains that gaining knowledge is usually expensive.

Yes you could go to the library, but likely you never do.  You want the knowledge, you want it free and you don’t want to go to the library…now you have an option!

Home Inspection SecretsIn the process of having my book “Home Inspection Secrets of the Happy Home Inspector” published I learned quite a lot about copyright protection, copyright expiration and the Amazon Kindle program.

Copyright protection is actually granted to us by the US Constitution!  Yep, Article One of the Constitution in what’s known as “The Copyright Clause”, authors and inventors are provided exclusive protection for their works, at least for a specified period of time, usually 70 years after the authors death.

What happens next is the even more interesting part.  When the copyright expires the writing is “in the public domain”, meaning anyone do with it as they please.  What has pleased Amazon is to offer one million books in the public domain for FREE on the Kindle reader!

With over one million books offered free on Kindle, I’ve been a reading frugal fool!  Among the genre that I enjoy most are the books by or about the great industrialists.  There are dozens of industrialists to choose from, dozens of books on each industrialist and most of these guys wrote more than a few books themselves!

FordOnce you start digging into this stuff, it’s real hard to stop, so venture forward if you dare.  It started for me with “My Life and Work” by Henry Ford.  What I thought was an autobiography of Mr. Ford or the Story of Ford Motor Company turned out rather to be a peak inside the mind of the man.  Not so much about who he was or what he did, but what was he thinking over the 50 year span that he was changing the world.  Neat stuff!

EdisonNext up was “Edison, His Life and Inventions” by Frank Lewis Dwyer.  It is fascinating what came from the mind of this man Edison, but the real intrigue is not what he invented, but the relationships he created to bring his inventions to market.  The relationship between Edison and J.P. Morgan is one that no screen writer could ever conceive or movie goer would believe, yet it was true!

CarnegieLast on my list of FREE reading on the great industrialists is “The Autobiography of Andrew Carnegie” by… guessed it Andrew Carnegie.  This guy comes with his little brother Thomas from Scotland penniless, and rises to hold the largest private fortune the world has even known, beating out John D. Rockefeller for the top spot.  And then Carnegie losses his company to J.P. Morgan after Morgan double cross Edison, who’s DC, in favor of Nicola Tesla, who’s AC!  This AC-DC thing is all about resistance and becomes clear when you read the whole story.

So coming up on 2014 it’s a great time to create your reading list for the year, regardless of the genre, there are millions of books FREE from Amazon on Kindle.  And if you’re an Amazon Prime member, Amazon will even give you my book “Home Inspection Secrets of A Happy Home Inspector” FREE on Kindle, it’s at:

www.Wally        Enjoy!