The Story of My Orange MG Midget

They Laughed When I Drove Up In An Orange MG Midget….Until I Told Them Why! Researching and writing about your Realtor Rides is been great fun. Your choice of rides says a lot who you are, where you’ve been and even where you’re going. You’ve seen my ride pictured in every edition of this newsletter, […]

Dannielle Eidson in Her 1979 Donzi X-18 Speedboat!

Who Put The “X-Factor” in Exit Realty? It’s Dannielle Eidson in Her 1979 Donzi X-18 Speedboat! Realtor Rides has featured some of the coolest classic cars owned by some of Jacksonville’s most interesting agents. Your offer to share the story of your car as well as your suggestions for realtors with cool rides to showcase […]

Jim Ross’s Realtor Ride

Jim Ross just celebrated the 45th Anniversary of his marriage to his beloved 58’ Corvette convertible. That’s a long time to be in love…but this was not Jim’s first love! As Jim describes her, “Prior to serving in the Naval Air in Viet Nam, I owned a very nice 62 Pontiac Bonneville Convertible with a […]

Realtor Ride Sandy Miller

Sandy Miller is no fair weather fan of the Jaguars. Sandy Miller is a Champion! The Jaguars Champions Cub is comprised of fans like Sandy who are committed to the Jaguars log-term success in Jacksonville.  Sandy works directly with the Jaguars staff to develop the Jaguars fan base by assisting in ticket renewals, sales and […]

David Neves Realtor Rides

Turn Down the Music, Don’t Smoke Cigars in the House, and Take the Dog out! Here’s How David Neves of Watson Realty Has Managed His Trio of Passions since 1989! David Neves lives in World Golf Village, is a cigar aficionado, a dog lover and addicted to the boom-boom blare of a super sound system. […]

Holly McMurry’s Vette and The Annual RPAC Poker Run Road Rally

Holly McMurry loves legends! And her love of legends goes beyond her being a Top Producer at The Legends of Real Estate. Holly McMurry loves legendary cars. As Holly explains “My love for cars is a blessing my dad gave me. I have always been fascinated by the combination of man, time and machine. I’ve enjoyed […]

Pat Leroy’s 1962 Chevrolet Bel Air 409

What kind of power under the hood does a former Turkey Point nuclear power plant operator need under the hood to drive his real estate performance team from Fleming Island to a $52 million waterfront community he’s developing in Green Cove Springs?       Ask Pat Leroy! Pat Leroy is a guy who loves power!  Nuclear power, […]

This Realtor’s Ride is a Real Bubba Truck!

Can a Big Boy in a Bubba Truck Become A Rookie Realtor Superstar? Ask Cole Slate!   You can’t hide your ride!  When you pull up to a listing appointment for your initial meeting with some FSBO, you just KNOW their peeking through the peep hole to check out your ride.  Or with buyers in […]

Get Your FREE Guide “Totally Unauthorized Guide to Slashing Your JEA Bill!

Click to Get my FREE “Totally Unauthorized Guide to Slashing Your Electric Bill”! There’s an old adage the states “You cannot manage, what you do not measure”! When it comes to lowering your electric bill, measuring your electric consumption is a fantastic way to reduce your electric expense, even without the expense of an upgrade. […]