What’s Hanging Out in Your Crawlspace?

If a rodent, reptile or root eater naturally forages the forests of Florida there’s likely a few of its family members are creeping and crawling in your crawl space! HomePro inspectors revel what’s breathing and breeding below your bed while you sleep…..and how to get them out and keep it out!ro  What’s the best part of […]

Selling your home out of season? A great deck makes a difference

In a perfect world, no one would ever have to face the challenge of trying to sell a house when there’s snow on the ground and the trees are bare. In reality, people have to sell and buy homes throughout the year. While winter may not be the optimum season to showcase your landscaping, there […]

A guide for getting through emergency home repairs

A surprise can be fun on some occasions, like your birthday. But when it comes to home repair emergencies, a surprise is the last thing you want – especially in these economically challenging times. Unfortunately, this is a situation all too many homeowners find themselves in after a home emergency. Often they discover that a […]