HomeStrong Heroes Presents Former Army Sargent Mom A Mortgage Free Home!

HomeStrong Heroes Home Presentation

HomeStrong Heroes Home Presentation

Sometimes the path to homeownership takes a detour.  For Army Sargent Jessica Blow and her 8 year-old son Camron that detour included two tours in Iraq before being medically retired due to her injuries.

HomeStrong USA took applications this past summer from active-military service members and honorably discharged veterans in the Jacksonville area. The HomeStrong Heroes Volunteer Advisory Committee — veterans and leaders in the military community — selected the winner based on applicant essays.

The nonprofit HomeStrong USA worked with Bank of America, which recently surpassed its pledge to donate 1,000 homes nationwide to military veteran support charities and similar organizations. About 250 of those donated homes were in Florida.

When Jessica and Camron arrived at what was to become their home, she thought they were just finalists for the HomeStrong Heroes home presentation.  She believed the other finalists were among the large crowd of HomeStrong staffers, Bank of America volunteers and media gathered at the home.

When Bank of America Senior Vice President John Berens announced “Welcome home, Jessica and Camron!”  there was not a dry eye among the hundreds gathered!

You know from your own experience in real estate that there are a ton of documents and details to be cared to prior to closing.  Amazing as it may seem, even when a home is gifted to a worthy veteran, the process and paper work are about the same as a cash sale.

Christina Welch Team

Christina Welch Team

The task of leading Sargent Blow through the closing process was provided pro bono by Christina Welch and her team at Keller Williams.  Much like you would expect in a more traditional closing, there were weeks of work behind the scenes to ensure that the home would transfer smoothly from Bank of America thru to Sargent Blow.

Making this transaction all the more interesting was that the new owner was initially unidentified to The Welch Team, yet preparations still had to proceed.

It was not until the final days prior to the announcement of the winner the Welch Team became aware of the winner, but was sworn to secrecy until after the HomeStrong ceremony!

After the ceremony the media cameras went back into the cases and the Bank of America volunteers went home, but the work continued for the Welch Team to get the home to closing.

When HomePro was asked to donate home inspection services we were instantly eager to participate.  But, a curious question soon came to my mind.  When a home built in 1952 is donated, who does the repairs?

It was comforting to hear that Bank of America in addition to the donation of the home also did the renovations with a blended effort using both contractors and volunteers.  Also, Bank of America had agreed to repair any problems discovered during the home inspection that related to safety or function.  Wouldn’t it be nice of every transaction were so simple!

Supporting and promoting community causes is something that many Realtors and affiliates are involved in all over Jacksonville and the surrounding communities.  It seems no matter your interest, passion or calling there’s someone in who needs you.

It would be wonderful to share more stories of Realtors and affiliates giving back to our community.  Know someone doing something wonderful?  Let’s share their story!

Are you looking for the right best place for you to help in the community?  A great place to start is with Hands On Jacksonville.  They are a vitural clearing house connecting local volunteers with non-profits doing work that is important to YOU.  Hands On Jacksonville has a place for every interest and every skill.  You give it a risk free by volunteering for a single event that looks easy and interesting.  Check out the offerings at

The USS Adams at The Shipyards!

The USS Adams at The Shipyards!

Networking with non-profits is an important part of business at HomePro.  If you’d like I’d be pleased to have you working with me on “Bring the Adams Home” as well as Jaxtoberfest at the Shipyards!  Details at and or contact me directly

Looking forward to working together soon and often!

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