Inspector in the Spotlight: Mike Binaco

Mike Binaco with his girls

Mike Binaco with his girls

The question is often asked “what background makes for a successful home inspector”? Being ever on the hunt for home inspectors to join the HomePro Team, it’s a question I often ask.

There is no one answer that is an absolute predictor of success, but an answer that I once got from HomePro Inspector Mike Binaco was one that I found fascinating.

“I’ve got a Degree in Electrical Engineering Technology and was Captain of my Varsity Wrestling Team”!

Mike Binaco was born in Orlando while his Dad was serving in the Air Force. Being an Air Force brat saw Mike move multiple times as a young kid. Moving often and having the opportunity to make new friends often, has earned Mike a talent to become fast friends with new people, a real plus when meeting new families everyday as a home inspector.

Mike Binaco

Mike Binaco

Mike’s family moved from Orlando to Charleston, then on to Connecticut where he and his brothers played baseball, basketball and football, but it was in wrestling that he really excelled.

A guy who can wrestle at Division 1 College is a guy who can crawl in any crawlspace not matter the size or what creatures lurks in the dark!

Shortly after finishing college at Cal State Fullerton, Mike moved to New Jersey to take a job with a staffing company recruiting high tech talent. Say what you will about recruiters, they are great communicators!

During his years as a technical recruiter Mike used his own technical talents to do several hands-on complete home renovations. With his technical education, talents as a technical communicator and his hands on renovation experience Mike realized that he had the background to become a successful home inspector. And so in 2005 Mike launched Truspek Inspections.

Truspek Inspections was a success for Mike, for his customers and for the agents who referred Mike.

After nearly a decade of crawling in and around the frozen winter ground of North Jersey, Mike sought the relief of warmer weather on his old wrestler bones. And he moved to Ponte Vedra!

Mike Binaco's Golf Game

Mike Binaco’s Golf Game

Since moving to Ponte Vedra Mike has seen his golf handicap drop to a mere ten strokes and uses his days off to golf with his Dad in an attempt to get that handicap into the single digits!

Mike’s true passion is his teenage daughters Jenna and Courtney. Both girls are honor students as well as active in dance, basketball and cheerleading. Oldest daughter Jenna is at Ponte Vedra High this year, so Dad might have to bust out one of his old wrestler moves if one of PV High Schools finest young men tries to get a hold of his baby girl!

Mike is a tremendous asset to the HomePro Team. As he says “I am even tempered and able to handle difficult situations easily”.   And it’s good to know that when some Yankee customer wants to talk about basements and oil heated boilers that we can put Mike on the case.

You’ll like Mike!!

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