Jacksonville Home Inspector Going “Over the Edge” Needs Your Help….Please!

On Friday, May 16th I will be joining a select group of adventurous volunteers and rappel 30 stories, that’s 450 feet down the face of the EverBank Center in downtown Jacksonville.  It’s been 20 years since retiring as a Navy pilot, and being a home inspector while at times exciting, is just not the same thrill…..then came “Over the Edge”!

You’ve got to see the video below to believe what I’ve got myself into!

Over the Edge is a fundraiser supporting the Boy Scouts here in Jacksonville, Florida.  It’s my commitment to the boys to raise $1,000 to earn the opportunity to risk my life riding a skinny rope down the side of the building.  That’s not the scary part.

When my wife Tonya Conway learned of my intent to risk my life going “Over the Edge” I thought she was going to tell me I had lost my mind, but that’s not what she said.  She is going Over the Edge with me!   So, that means we have committed to raising $2,000 to help the Boy Scouts.


There are only a few days left before we go “Over the Edge” and Tonya says that if I fall short on our $2,000 fund raising responsibilty she’s going to cut my rapelling cord and donate my life insurance proceeds to the Boy Scouts!  Please save a life and help scouts by donating right now!  A hundred bucks for Boy Scouts will go a long way toward saving my life!

Every dollar donated is greatly respected and much appreciated, please donate now.  Only got $10 bucks to spare….very grateful for each and every donation.