Jim Ross’s Realtor Ride

Jim Ross's 1962 Pontiac Bonneville Convertible

Jim Ross’s 1962 Pontiac Bonneville Convertible

Jim Ross just celebrated the 45th Anniversary of his marriage to his beloved 58’ Corvette convertible. That’s a long time to be in love…but this was not Jim’s first love!

As Jim describes her, “Prior to serving in the Naval Air in Viet Nam, I owned a very nice 62 Pontiac Bonneville Convertible with a stick shift.  I sold it just before I left for Viet Nam and saved the cash.”

Everyone who has ever served or who serves in our military today has made sacrifices, but to willing sell a 1962 Bonneville Convertible WITH a stick shift is above and beyond the call of duty…thank you Jim Ross for your service.

How did Jim get connected with his Corvette? “

“A close friend of mine had a 58 Corvette that I really liked and always wanted.  After I returned from Viet Nam I found the black 58 Vette for sale in my home town of Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania.”

Ultimate Beach Buggy!

Ultimate Beach Buggy!

But this was no regular Corvette, this baby had been worked, “The owner had reworked the motor, bored it 60 over, installed solid lifters, a ¾ high lift camshaft, a high-rise manifold and a Holly Dual Feeder Carburetor”.   That’s technical talk meaning the car is FAST!

Clarks Summit, where the heck is that you may ask? Its’ just north of Scranton in northeastern Pennsylvania…it’s the last exit on I-476, the Pennsylvania Turnpike.  The 2010 Census reported that 5,116 people lived there, up from 3,693 in the 1960 Census when Jim was growing up there.

Best guess is that there was only one black 58’ Corvette convertible in Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania and Jim Ross was going to own it!

What is it about Naval Aviators and Corvettes?  During my career as a Navy Pilot I’ve known more guys (and girls) who owned Corvettes that any other car.  Heck, when I got back from Desert Storm, I shipped two of them to Puerto Rico…one to drive on odd days, one to drive on even days!

So, this friend of Jim’s with the only black 58’ Corvette convertible in Clarks Summit must have been a REALLY good friend. “I paid $1100 for it in July 1969 and began using it as my daily driver until winter set in”.  Are you kidding me….1100 bucks for a 58’ Corvette….you could not put new tires on that care today for $1100!

Winter in Clarks Summit, what must that be like?

“My first drive in the snow created a 360 degree spin on a straight road, so I had to quickly find something else for the rest of the winter.  The Corvette has always been in a garage and my company car from the Corporation I retired from, Ecolab, was left outside in the snow and ice.  I growled every time I had to scrape the ice off the windshield until I purchased a home with a 2-car garage.  The car has never been out in the weather and has 44,000 total miles on it.”

Jim has really embraces the spirit of “Realtor Rides”.

Jim Ross, Realtor

Jim Ross, Realtor

“The car has been a lot of fun to drive over the years and it made an appearance on my Watson business cards about 9 years ago with the phrase “Surrounding my customers with Classic Service”.  I have received many nice comments as a result my business cards from not only car people, but also many others who identify with the era of the early Corvettes.”

“It just makes me smile whenever I pass out my Watson Realty business cards. It’s been my way of mixing business with pleasure.”