Jimmy Nicholas’s Small Business Marketing-Your Ultimate Guide

Jimmy Nicholas

Jimmy Nicholas

In 1997 as a 15 year old kid Jimmy Nicholas discovered the internet and taught himself how to build simple websites. Armed with only a teenager’s enthusiasm and the Yellow Pages, Jimmy started calling business’s asking if they need a website.

After being told “NO” 250 times, a local jewelry store owner said, “Sure, come on over and give me a presentation”. Jimmy was excited, but excitement soon turned to concern.  Not concern that he had to give his first business presentation, or concern about building his first website, Jimmy’s concern was that he was still too young to drive!

You may have been concerned about a presentation, or had concerns about your ability to deliver for a customer, but at least you had a driver’s license!

Jimmy’s mom drove him to his first sales presentation. After waiting in the car for two hours, a smiling Jimmy got back in his mom’s car. He had closed his first deal, and so was launched the marketing career of Jimmy Nicholas.

Jimmy and I met just before the launch of his book “Small Business Marketing-Your Ultimate Guide”. There’s a special energy emitted by young entrepreneurs. It’s infectious. You can’t help but want to do more in your own business when you are around people who appear to know no bounds to their own business.

Small Business Marketing - Your Ultimate Guide

Small Business Marketing – Your Ultimate Guide

If you have ever felt confused or overwhelmed with marketing yourself or your business, “Small Business Marketing-Your Ultimate Guide” is a must read. Jimmy will give you an understanding of EVERY modern marketing method, yet he keeps it simple so you can easily select those that can comfortably get you in front of more customers.  It’s a fast easy read!

What Jimmy wanted to do with his book was even more interesting than the story of his mom driving him to his first sales presentation, Jimmy wanted his book to be #1 on Amazon! This is the special energy that I love about young entrepreneurs.

It begged the question, so I asked Jimmy “how the how are you going to get your book to #1 on Amazon”?   He told me to buy his book, write my book and only then would he share the secret to getting to #1 on Amazon.

That seemed strange to me, why not just tell me his plan to get to #1 on Amazon? Jimmy reasoned that there was no sense spending the time explaining the plan until I was committed to executing the plan.  Writing the book was the demonstration of commitment Jimmy wanted to see.  The young dog was teaching the old dog a new trick!

After reading Jimmy’s book, the real work, the writing of my book, began. Knowing that my next master mind meeting with Jimmy was only a few short weeks away, I got my fingers moving on the keyboard and didn’t look up.

There are only two secrets to writing a book. Secret #1 is to start writing. Secret #2 is don’t stop writing until the book is done! No not all at one sitting, but you need to have scheduled times to write and when you sit down to write….write!

Don’t research, don’t edit, just write. It’s not important what you write, just keep writing. You can spell check and edit later.  Or you can have someone else do it.  If you are writing, you are a writer.

Jimmy’s book went to #1 on Amazon before my book was finished. His plan had worked, now I was more committed than ever to keep banging on the keyboard, watching words appear on the screen. Writing, it’s what writers do!

Jimmy Nicholas and Wally Conway

Jimmy Nicholas and Wally Conway

At our next mastermind meeting Jimmy shared with me how he had gotten his book sales to #1 on Amazon. I was at the same time underwhelmed and yet elated. It seemed too simple!  Had he shared his how to plan before I’d written the book, I’d likely have rejected his plan as too simple.  But, seeing his results, and having already done the hard work of writing the book, I acted on his suggestions.

Only 3 days after “Home Inspection Secrets of a Happy Home Inspector” went live on Amazon it was the #1 Bestseller in the category “Buying & Selling Homes”! Pretty cool for a home inspector competing in a category dominated by Realtors.  Thank you Jimmy Nicholas!

If you’ve been struggling to get your marketing going, or if you’re looking to move your marketing to the next level, Jimmy’s book “Small Business Marketing-Your Ultimate Guide” is a must read.

Interested in writing your own business book? In April I’ll be launching a real estate and business writers group.  Your book has been in your head for a long time.  Want to finally see it in print?  Let’s get it done together.  To get your writers juices flowing, get a copy of my book from Amazon at www.WallyConway.com and tell me about the book in your head at wally@MrHomeInspection.com