King of the Muddy Action Photo!

Doug Othmer has become the “King of the Muddy Action Photo”!   He was inspecting an (8) unit apartment complex in San Marco that had a crawlspace.  A single family crawlspace is enough mud, spiders and critters to deter most people.  An apartment building with a crawlspace is yet another level of commitment!

Muddy Buddy Doug Othmer!

Muddy Buddy Doug Othmer


Getting good shots of the guys in action is always a challenge.  It’s impossible to BE the action AND in position to snap a photo OF the action. That’s where you come in!  You see these guys muddy in crawl spaces, sweat-soaked coming out of attics, backed into corners by a pack of poodles and other acts of home inspection heroism.  Take out your phone, snap a picture and send it me

Let’s have some fun with this, if your inspector is really looking grungy, make it a selfie and get in the picture with him, then post it on Facebook so I can share it to boost traffic to your Facebook page.

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