Listings aired FREE on HomeConnectTV!

Your listings aired FREE on HomeConnectTV….

WOW, FREE….that sounds good to me!


Home Connect TV

You know your home seller wants their home shown on HomeConnectTV.  You’ve had the call from your sellers, “I just saw my neighbor’s home for sale on HomeConnectTV, when are you going to put my home on TV?”.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could list your home for free on HomeConnectTV?  Well, now you can! Simply have your listings inspected by HomePro Inspections, and HomePro will show your listings on HomeConnect TV at no charge to you OR your home seller.

Your FREE Report and Audio CD program “The Compelling Case for Listing Inspections” will make you a master of the listing presentation in less than an hour.

Randy MartinHere’s what Top Producer Randy Martin had to say about listing inspections, “I just had it on my own home, I had it on the market and the reason I did that is the same reason I suggest it to many sellers, I wanted to be prepared and I didn’t want any surprises once we got an offer on the house, so I actually had the inspection done so I could know what I was facing”.

According to the National Association of Realtors, homes inspected at the time of listing sell in less them and for more money.  That means larger commissions that come sooner!  Is that something that you would enjoy?

Christina Welch shares “We don’t get paid until the house sells, so our number one goal is to try to get the home sold as quickly as possible!”Christina Welch Team

More thoughts from Christina Welch

what we like to do is we display the home inspection inside the home, so that way the buyer can see it as they are walking through and we also put it on the MLS”.


HCTV Channel 4Not only will your listing play on HomeConnect TV, it will also be shown 24/7 at


You say your seller doesn’t want to pay for the listing inspection upfront?  No problem!  There’s no upfront   payment for the listing inspection … just have your seller take advantage of the HomePro 6 month same-as-cash payment option. Just have the seller tell us to “Bill Me Later”!

But, wait there’s more… your listing video will be shared across HomePro Inspections web and social media channels as well as shared on WOKV!

How does Randy Martin sum it up? “Honestly I think the biggest thing is, as agents we just need to retrain ourselves to think about all aspects. Of not just listing a house but include every avenue that could help us sell the house, help the buyer feel comfortable about buying the house, reduce the stress and issues during the transaction and help the seller get the best bottom line in the shortest amount of time.” Yep Randy, that about sums it up!

To help you get more listings HomePro has created a program for you that will make you stand out in the sellers mind above every other agent.  They will want to list with you because you shared a creative marketing strategy  with them to sell their home fast, and that makes you special!


My wife and I are under contract for the sale of our home as of yesterday, Wednesday. The first day it was on the market a buyer viewed the house, and made an offer immediately. After about 1 day of negotiations, we came to terms within 98% of list price

I attribute our fast sale to your pre-listing home inspection.

If ,only, other home owners would take the time to have a pre-listing home inspection, and then, study the “SOLD HOME” market before listing their homes, they would find the entire real estate experience less stressful.

From happy home seller Patrick Boice

Compelling CaseYour FREE Report and Audio CD program “The Compelling Case for Listing Inspections” will make you a master of the listing presentation in less than an hour.

   Call Wally today at 904-268-8211 to have MrHomeInspection, Wally Conway at your next sales meeting to learn more about getting your listings aired free on HomeConnectTV.  Ask us to send you a “Listing Success Package”!