Mike Rowe Does Dirty Jobs While Wally Conway Inspects Commercial Buildings

Dirty Jobs TV Star Mike Rowe Has Done More Than 169 Dirty Jobs, But has NEVER Inspected A Commercial Building! HomePro Inspector Wally Conway Has Inspected More Than 169 Commercial Buildings In Jacksonville, But NEVER Earned An Eagle Scout Badge!

How in the name of heaven are those two facts related,you might ask?

Mike Rowe

Mike Rowe

The story starts in Maryland on January 2nd, 1979, when Mike Rowe earned his Eagle Scout with Troop 16 in Baltimore. After graduating from high school, Mike went on to earn a degree in Communication from Towson University.

While in college, Rowe developed an interest in both theatre and singing. Strange as it seems for a guy famous for “Dirty Jobs,” shortly after graduation Mike sang professionally with the Baltimore Opera.

Since the premier of Dirty Jobs on November 7th ,2003, Mike has endured every manner of grit and grim to get the story behind the bluest of blue collar jobs. Among the many nasty jobs he has been a “road kill cleaner,” “worm dung farmer,” and a “chick sexer”!

Could have been a help to Mike on the “chicken sexer” feature…the hens are the ones that lay the eggs!

He has been in every daring and difficult situation that you can imagine…but Mike Rowe has NEVER inspected a commercial building!

The thought about Mike Rowe never inspecting a commercial building came to me at a rather strange time. Here is where the story comes together, goes divergent, then back together again…really!

Also in Maryland in the late 1970s, a young boy who had never been a Boy Scout was graduating from the US Naval Academy in Annapolis, not far from Baltimore. He could not sing, nor did have any interest in opera.

The young officer never had a dirty job; he was a Navy Pilot. It was after retiring that the dirty work began. He became a home and building inspector for the company famously known as HomePro Inspections.

With a company name like HomePro Inspections, most folks  get that idea that thecompany inspectshouses. And theywould be correct. As Billy Mays would say“but, wait…there’s  more!” HomePro also inspects commercial buildings.

Wally and Tonya "Over the Edge"

Wally and Tonya “Over the Edge”

In searching for a way to dramatically showcase the factthat HomePro has inspected hundreds of commercialbuildings, the opportunity to go “Over the Edge” as afundraiser for Boy Scouts, repelling 32 stories down theface of the EverBank Building, seemed dramatic enough.

Thanks to the generous donations pledged by loyal readers of this newsletter, over $2,000 was raised—thank you so very much.

It was while sitting with my butt hanging out into thin air over the edge of the EverBank Building that Mike Rowe came to my mind. It’s not as strange of a thought as you might think. I like Mike. He does cool stuff. He must remain calm regardless of what’s going on. I got strength from my inner Mike!

Over the Edge

Over the Edge

Once over the edge, the walk down the face of the building was great fun. The view is amazing! You can see all the way to Palatka and you can see people doing Dilbert work inside the EverBank Building. And the Dilbert faces changed every on floor!

Back on earth after the repelling, sitting in my office, I Googled Mike. It was only then that I learned that he not only had earned is Eagle Scout decades ago, but was recently awarded the Distinguished Eagle Scout Award by the Boy Scouts of America.

Very few have earned this award and the few who have include man on the moon Neil Armstrong, President Gerald Ford, Ross Perot and Ozzie Nelson!

And so we had come full circle. Mike Rowe had been a Boy Scout, but never inspected a commercial building. HomePro has inspected hundreds of commercial buildings, but none of our inspectors are Eagle Scouts. And yet, there is a connection.

HomePro has made a dramatic statement about inspecting commercial buildings. HomePro has helped to raise thousands of dollars for Boy Scouts. And Mike Rowe…. thanks for inspiring us to continue to do more of both.