What the Plus! Google+ for the Rest of Us by Guy Kawaski

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What the Plus!  Google+ for the Rest of Us by Guy Kawaski


What the plusWhy in the world do you need another social network? If you’re like me, you’re already overloaded with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and the list goes on! The last thing you need is another social network to suck time!

That’s what I thought too…..until I read Guy Kawaski’s What the Plus!  Google+ for the Rest of Us

Google+ is the new kid on the social media scene. Guy’s book guides you through the features of Google+, but more importantly gives insight into the philosophy of Google+ and it’s relationship to the Google mothership, search.

To get the big picture on Google+ this is a must read. Once you get the feel of where Google’s going, you’ll want to go where Google goes!

Guy Kawasaki will share the tips and tricks you need to be a social media whiz in no time. He is a master of Google+ himself with over 3 million people in his circles.

Guy KawaskiIt was from this book that I learned to post the Google+ “Badge” that you see at the bottom of this article.  Think of your Google+ badge as the ultimate digital business card!

Interspersed between Guy’s practical advice for all social media, not just Google+, are the unknown secrets of Google+ circles, streams, and much more.

Google tagThink of Google+ as everything you love about Facebook and Twitter without their limitations. It’s the ability to categorize your relationships and define your circles from the get-go. It’s the ability to immediately identify people who share your passions or see the ripple effects of what you post.

My favorite feature of Google+ is “Hangouts”. It’s video-conferencing made easy and awesome! It’s the reason that you see me hanging out all over the place! Here’s to hoping that you and me Hangout together soon!  As Guy Kawasaki would say “That’s enchantment”!