Real Estate Agents Named Best Dressed Professionals

Real Estate Agents Named Best Dressed Professionals in Recent Poll. Data Suggests Women Realtors Dress for Success, Male Realtors Dress Like School Teachers!

Best & Worst Dressed Pole Results

Best & Worst Dressed Pole Results

Like it or not we are judged by our appearance. Socially it is an instant que to determine the potential for a future relationship. And in business the judgement made by our clients about our appearance is often the difference between a pay day and poverty.

In the high stakes game of real estate where a single deal moves hundreds of thousands and often millions of dollars, who a client trusts in the transaction is influenced in part by appearance. Recognizing the impact of your appearance it comes as no surprise that real estate agents typically top the list of Best Dressed Professions.

Taking a closer look at the data reveals that the preponderance of top performing real estate agents are women. Hence the public image of a top producing real estate agent is that of a well-dressed woman. The evidence suggests that male real estate agents are more likely to dress like builders and many presenting the professional appearance often associated with school teachers.

There is no dishonor in being a builder or school teacher, each is a noble endeavor. That said, to dress like a builder or a school teacher when your chosen profession is real estate agent is to complicate the path to real estate success.

There is professional help available to you. Mick Hanks has been a men’s fashion and image consultant since 1993. Having studied under Master Tailor Anastasias Daskalpolous, Mick has been trusted to develop a success image for a diverse group of top tier professionals.

From the world of professional sports Mick has dressed Bill Buckner, Vince Coleman and Dirk Koetter. For television he has consulted with contestants on Donald Trumps “The Apprentice”.

More in line with the well-dressed man in the real estate profession Mick has been a trusted image advisor to several governors, judges and at least one home inspector.

At an interview done at Mick’s store To the Nynes in Mandarin he shared some insider secrets for the well-dressed real estate man to use for professional and personal success.

Mick Hanks from To The Nynes

Mick Hanks from To The Nynes

What are three must have pieces in every well-dressed man’s closet?

“A well-structured and properly fitted Blue Blazer made of a fine fabric. This is the centerpiece from which a fine wardrobe is built. That said it cannot be the only jacket on your rack. People will think you are a home inspector!”

And the second item suggested by Mick “Crisp white shirts and plenty of them. These need to be properly cleaned and pressed after EVERY wearing. And when the collars get frayed or stained, donate them to your favorite lady as a lounging shirt. Both the shirt and your lady will look great.”

The final of the three most important items in the well-dressed man’s closet according to Mick? “A quality pair of shoes that fit and feel great. They should be polished before each time they are worn and the heels must not show signs of wear. Your shoes are so important to your image that the saying “well-heeled man” evolved from the depression when worn heels were an imitate sign that a man was down on his luck”

Mick and Shelly Hanks

Mick and Shelly Hanks

What are the three things ladies notice most about the how a man is dressed?

Without hesitation Mick replies, “The most important item is a fine pair of shoes. They must be well heeled, polished and most importantly comfortable so that you move with confidence.”

“Next is not a piece or accessory, yet is as important as item that you could ever wear, and that is your personal grooming. Your hair and nails speak volumes about your attention to detail. And your smile tells the world that you will be a joy to be with”, Mick says with a smile!

And the third most noticed item is “A nice watch. While the popularity of wrist watches has waned somewhat with the advent of the smart phone, a well selected wrist watch makes a statement. Interestingly the most popular online fashion purchase by men is a wrist watch. Rolex being the most desired brand by men.”

Are you a man who is ready to step up your professional image and dress for success? Or is there a man in your life that could use some pointers on how to dress for your next event together so that his appearance does not distract from yours?

To The Nynes

To The Nynes

Stop by and meet Mick at his store, it’s adjacent to Carrabba’s Restaurant in Mandarin. You can schedule an in home or office consultation as well. Or take the men in your office to the next level of success, schedule Mick for a quick tips presentation at your next sales meeting by visiting


Life’s too short to dress like a school teacher, unless you are one.


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