Todd Tramonte – True Innovator in Real Estate Marketing and Sales

How Does the Former Owner of a “Discount” Real Estate Franchise  Now Sell Homes Averaging  6.7% about asking price in 47 days fewer days then market average and charge a 10% Commission? It’s fascinating to take an insider’s secret peak into a business that is not in your competitive market.  What interesting things are they […]

Listings aired FREE on HomeConnectTV!

Your listings aired FREE on HomeConnectTV…. WOW, FREE….that sounds good to me!   You know your home seller wants their home shown on HomeConnectTV.  You’ve had the call from your sellers, “I just saw my neighbor’s home for sale on HomeConnectTV, when are you going to put my home on TV?”. Wouldn’t it be great […]

Why You Should Use a Certified Master Inspector

Did you know that most of the 871 Florida Licensed Home Inspectors working in Jacksonville have inspected less than 50 homes?   How can you keep them from killing your deal AND getting you sued? That is NOT a typo…there are 871 people listed on the DBPR website as holding an active home inspection license in […]

What’s Hanging Out in Your Crawlspace?

If a rodent, reptile or root eater naturally forages the forests of Florida there’s likely a few of its family members are creeping and crawling in your crawl space! HomePro inspectors revel what’s breathing and breeding below your bed while you sleep…..and how to get them out and keep it out!ro  What’s the best part of […]

How Green is Your Next Home?

Your first thought is going to be of things like Energy Star appliances. Then you’ll think of insulation, solar power, light bulbs, etc. But what about location? How green can a home be if you have to drive everywhere for everything you do? Transportation to and from a home can have energy costs that are […]

Jacksonville boomers downsize homes, but upsize the amenities!

Jacksonville say goodbye to the McMansion. According to a leading real estate website,, 2010 was officially the year that homes over 3,200 square feet ended their dominance and appeal. But don’t think that downsizing means downgrading. In fact, homeowners are looking to upsize their amenities to help them enjoy every inch of their homes. […]

Increase your home value, Simple ways to improve the exterior of your home without breaking the budget

Whether you want to prepare your outdoor spaces for entertaining or you’re trying to make a great first impression on home buyers, now is the time to get the outside looking great. From fixing up the deck on the front porch to adding some colorful flowers to the landscaping, there are plenty of elements to […]