Realtor Ride Sandy Miller

Sandy Miller is no fair weather fan of the Jaguars.

Sandy Miller is a Champion!

Sandy Miller's Jaguar Hummer

Sandy Miller’s Jaguar Hummer

The Jaguars Champions Cub is comprised of fans like Sandy who are committed to the Jaguars log-term success in Jacksonville.  Sandy works directly with the Jaguars staff to develop the Jaguars fan base by assisting in ticket renewals, sales and club promotion.

When Jacksonville Jaguars owner Shad Kahn revealed to the new team logo Jaguar fan Sandy Miller loved it.  She was overpowered by team spirit!  Sandy wanted to blend her love of the Jaguars with her daily duties as an agent at Watson Realty.

Sandy made the decision to surround herself with the new Jaguar logo by designing a Jaguar themed wrap for her 2006 H2 Hummer.  The results of been awesome for her game day experience!

Sandy, Cathy, Brenda, Tyler, and Jackie

Sandy, Cathy, Brenda, Tyler, and Jackie

When the Jaguars are playing at home Sandy Miller does not show real estate, but that doesn’t mean that real estate might not be on her mind.  Her game day crew includes Jackie Cannon, Tyler Shields, Cathy Bade and Brenda Bass. Okay, so maybe the real estate is only in the back of their minds!

The Jaguar wrapped Hummer looks great and it looks official.  On more than one game day occasion Sandy and her posse have been whisked by police directly to Jaguar staff parking when officers mistakenly assumed that her Hummer was an official Jaguar vehicle.

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that the real purpose of Realtor Rides is to sell real estate.  Sandy keeps her focus on finding homes for fans.  In addition to having her name in big bold letters on the back of her Hummer, Sandy’s name is routinely posted as a top producer on the sign on the front of her Watson office on Atlantic Boulevard!

Jeff is Jag Crazy too!

Jeff is Jag Crazy too!

Sandy uses her Realtor Ride as a center piece of her personal marketing.  It’s the cover photo on her Facebook page.  When people see her Hummer it’s common for them to post a picture on their own Facebook page, then share it with friends.  Passing fans on game day have posed and posted pictures of Facebook of Sandy’s realtor ride.  That’s very cool!

Being a top producing real estate agent is a huge time commitment for Sandy as is her commitment to being a Jaguars Champion member, and being a wife. Sandy’s husband Jeff is also Champion member as well as being a licensed real estate agent.  It’s awesome that they can blend real estate, football and marriage.  An awesome way to spend a Sunday afternoon!

You can't miss this billboard!

You can’t miss this billboard!

Realtor Rides is not written by a tax expert nor is tax advice dispensed here, but to the laymen it looks a lot like all of Sandy’s Jaguar related expenses are business expenses.  Nowhere in the tax law does it say that marketing must be miserable to be a legitimate deduction.