Selling Your Listings in 29 Days for Top Dollar Without Making Any Repairs!

Insider Secrets Revealed to Selling Your Listings in 29 Days for Top Dollar Without Making Any Repairs! Most realtors don’t’ do this and it costs them dearly daily!

Signing document for new home.

Signing document for new home.

There’s nothing about the real estate business that looks even a little bit like being a Navy pilot. Cockpits don’t look like kitchens and flight decks don’t look like driveways, but somehow the lessons learned from my Navy pilot days keep showing up in real estate.

Here’s one of my favorite stories. Had a Commanding Officer in the late 80’s, Commander Tom Darcy. He earned his position by surviving in Washington DC during the Iran Contra hearings.  It was during those hearings that Marine Colonel Oliver North became a household name.

Oliver North

Oliver North

Each day of testimony brought out some new discovery or disclosure that kept complicating the process of getting the case closed. You know how it is, like trying to get real estate closed when some new discovery or disclosure keeps buggering up the deal!

Commander Darcy claims not to have had any direct involvement in the scandal, though he admits to being in the building at the time of the alleged crime.

He was perfectly positioned behind the scenes to learn a valuable lesson that he drilled into my mind, “Bad news doesn’t get better with time”! It was simple, yet brilliant.

Get every issue on the table right from the start. There’s nothing you can’t deal with IF you know going in what you’re up against.  And if your due diligence shows there’s nothing to keep you from getting the deal closed, so much the better.

It’s like Commander Darcy was speaking to us about listing inspections!

It has been my experience that every top producing realtor would prefer that all their listings be inspected before they go on the market. Most top producers recommend to their sellers that the home be inspected prior to going on the market.

But, sellers don’t want to pay for the listing inspection up front, they want to pay at closing! Here’s your solution.

The HomePro Pay Me Later Program offers 6 Months Same as Cash with Zero Interest and NO Payment until closing.

Sold Sign

Sold Sign

When you tell to your seller how you’ll use the listing inspection to sell their home fast, for top dollar and without making any repairs your life gets simpler! Your copy of the FREE Report “The Compelling Case for Listing Inspections” will be mailed to you immediately just by calling me at 904-268-8211, or if you want it right NOW, email and I’ll personally blast it to you!

To make it even easier for you to get your sellers onboard, included FREE with your report is an audio CD so you can easily listen while you drive. It has the exact wording you need to help your sellers make the right decisions so you can get their home sold fast and at top dollar without making any repairs! Even easier, you can let them listen to the CD themselves!

Originally offered at $49.95, the Compelling Case for Listing Inspections CD is Free to the first 50 agents who ask. Call me right now at 904-268-8211 or email me and the entire package will be sent directly to you FREE!

Like Tom Darcy said, bad news doesn’t get better with time. Bring your sellers some good news, bring them the Compelling Case for Listing Inspections Report and CD!  You’ll be bringing them great offers in no time!