King of the Muddy Action Photo!

Doug Othmer has become the “King of the Muddy Action Photo”!   He was inspecting an (8) unit apartment complex in San Marco that had a crawlspace.  A single family crawlspace is enough mud, spiders and critters to deter most people.  An apartment building with a crawlspace is yet another level of commitment!   Getting good […]

Welcome to the Family, Tasley!

What Experiences Best Prepare a Person to Answer 247 Phone Calls A Week from Realtors Scheduling Home Inspections?  How About Dolphin Trainer, Snowboard Instructor and Certified Therapy Dog Trainer? Yep, That’s HomePro Inspections’ Tasley Wheeler! Being raised in the frozen tundra known as Rochester, New York and being in love with of all things outdoors, […]