Commercial Building Inspections

What has 197 Kitchens, 428 Bathrooms, and 512 Bedrooms? And Here’s Another Hint … Only 1 Roof! No doubt, your best guess was the correct guess: it’s multi-family housing. When you list and sell a single unit in a multi-family housing building, it’s very similar to most every  single family home that you’ve sold. What […]

Real Food. Real Farm. Real Farmer!

There’s a ton of talk going on these days about saving family farms. Some blame goofy government subsidy programs.  That’s a factor. Some blame the industrialization of the food chain. That’s a factor, too. Two questions for you: Do family farms matter? And if family farms matter, how do we save them? Family farms matter […]

TED Talks: The Official TED Guide to Public Speaking by Chris Anderson

Imagine You Were Able to Deliver the Ultimate Listing Presentation in Only 18 Minutes!! How Would That Help Your Business Grow? That’s the premise of a “TED Talk,” the belief that any idea worth sharing can be presented in 18 minutes. How you deliver a compelling presentation in only 18 minutes is the premise of […]

Charles F. Adams Museum Bring Home the Adams!

Only you can save the ‘Charlie Deuce’ from the scrap heap! Don’t let another Jacksonville legacy become razor blades like the USS Saratoga! While the fight to save historic homes and buildings has captured the hearts, minds, and headlines of Jacksonville, our Jacksonville naval history is being quietly sent to the scrapyard. So real is the […]

Why Can’t You Wear White After Labor Day?

In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, wealthy American industrialists and their families would flee the oppressive heat of cities and factories to enjoy the summer breezes on the beach, in the mountains, and on their yachts. The sensible fabric was linen, and the coolest of colors was white. Meanwhile, back in the cities […]

Real Food/Fake Food by Larry Olmsted

Once upon a time, choosing real food was simple. What we did not grow on our own, we purchased from our local market. Our local market sourced food from local farmers, who were our friends. We knew what we were eating because we knew where it came from, who prepared it, how they prepared it, […]

Awesome Inspectors Wanted: Quest for the Ultimate Home Inspection Avatar!

In James Cameron’s epic science fiction film, “Avatar,” humans are challenged in the expansion of mining for the superconductor known as unobtanium. The Avatars are genetically engineered humanoids. The word “avatar” was originally used in Hinduism to represent the material manifestation of a deity. In the world of computers, the word has been commonly used […]

What’s the Difference Between Living in a TINY HOUSE and a BIG BOAT?

You dream of a simpler life, free of the mundane — and of a home that supports the simple life, as well as makes a statement about you. Consider, as options, a tiny house or a big boat. Food for thought follows. The tiny-house movement is an architectural style and social movement that has made […]

Great Fresh Food Sources!

It’s awesome to know that you have been enjoying the recipes I’ve been sharing with you for the past three years. It’s especially rewarding to hear that so many of you have experimented with foods you would never have considered before reading about how delicious they are, and how simple it is to prepare them. […]

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