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TED Talks

TED Talks

Interested in “Ideas Worth Spreading”, then TED is your ticket!

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the world’s most creative minds could gather together to share their ideas in open forum?  What if each individual was compelled to distill the essence of their idea to under 18 minutes?  And if those ideas spanned Technology…Entertainment….and Design….well that would be the essence of TED!

Back in 1984 architect and graphic designer Richard Saul Wurman and fellow visionary Harry Marks had the idea to gather together the creators of the greatest current ideas in technology, entertainment and design as the focal point for a conference, the first TED Conference.

Among the original ideas presented at that inaugural TED Conference were the Sony compact disc player, the introduction of the e-book, cutting edge 3-D graphics from George Lucas and an early presentation by Steve Jobs demonstrating the Apple Macintosh computer.  Pretty darn good first effort!

Bill Gates at TED Conference

Bill Gates at TED Conference

In spite of the intellectual success of the first TED Conference it was a financial loss.  It would be six more years until the second TED Conference took place in Monterey, California in 1990.  TED’s annual conference now takes place in Vancouver, British Columbia.

How can you attend a TED Conference?  It’s easy….simply pay the $6,000 annual membership, it includes your ticket to the annual conference!

If you’re shocked by the sticker price of the membership, or just not able to travel to Vancouver for the 2015 TED Conference to be help March 16th-20th, there is a FREE way to view EVERY TED talk ever presented.   It’s all at www.TED.com

TED.com is the ultimate way to enjoy 18 minutes!   At TED.com you will find a talk to inspire or to incite you on any and every topic that comes to your mind.  And anyone who is, ever was or never was anyone has been featured.  No topic is off limits, and no particular position on the topic is favored by TED.  It’s just “ideas worth sharing”.

Since its inception in 2006 TED.com has cataloged nearly 2,000 talks now being downloaded at the rate of 1 million views per DAY!   TED talks have been viewed over 1 billion times!

TED.com is very smartphone friendly.  The TED app allows you to watch any talk, by any presenter at any time for FREE.  I’ve got it on my iPhone, it’s among my favorite ways to enjoy an unexpected 18 minutes of free time.

Since there are so many talks it’s tough to figure out where to start.  My recommendation to you is to download the TED app onto your phone.  Then when you get a curious 18 minutes, search your favorite topic, issue or person of renown.  TED will serve you up some awesome choices.

Bono talks TED

Bono talks TED

Got a favorite contemporary scientist, entrepreneur, author or entertainer?  Plug them into your TED search, you will not be disappointed.

Want to attend a live TED event right here in Jacksonville?

TED understands that not everyone can travel to Vancouver nor afford the $6,000 ticket price and that there are some darn good local ideas worth sharing locally!

TEDx allows local folks to produce their own TED events. A previous Jacksonville TEDx event was this past May entitled “Feed Your Mind at the Jacksonville Zoo”, but it’s too late for you to enjoy that one.

The next Jacksonville TEDx event is at Sunray Cinema at 5 Points on March 18, 2015, details and registration are at www.TEDxJacksonville.com   or for all TEDX events see  www.ted.com/tedx/events .

Want to start with my favorite TED talk?  Let me suggest to you “Malcom Gladwell: Choice, Happiness and Spaghetti Sauce”.  Give it a try, then share your thoughts with me wally@MrHomeInspection.com

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