The Story of My Orange MG Midget

They Laughed When I Drove Up In An Orange MG Midget….Until I Told Them Why!

Researching and writing about your Realtor Rides is been great fun. Your choice of rides says a lot who you are, where you’ve been and even where you’re going.

Wally and the MG  Hauling Black Kow... that's NO BS!

Wally and the MG
Hauling Black Kow… that’s NO BS!

You’ve seen my ride pictured in every edition of this newsletter, but the story has yet to be told…how the heck does a retired Navy pilot turned home inspection entrepreneur wind up sporting about Jacksonville in an Orange 1976 MG Midget with the #1 plastered all over it?

The story begins before I was born, back during the Korean War. My dad was a mechanic in the Army, repairing battle damaged Jeeps. When he returned home he used his savings to purchase a gas station.

For the youngsters reading this, strange as it may seem, back in the day all gas stations had mechanics. And the mechanic at the gas station also pumped gas into your car, checked your oil and washed your windshield…all while you sat in your car!

My Dad was that guy, a grease monkey…until he met my mom!

When my parents were dating my Mom was not enthused about my Dad getting greasy fingerprints on her, but they were in love…and dreamed of someday having me as their son, so my Dad became a banker.

In spite of being a banker for over 30 years, my Dad was at heart a grease monkey!

Home Inspector Groupies at Bold CIty

Home Inspector Groupies at Bold CIty

In 1998 along with building HomePro Inspections in Jacksonville, I was doing consulting and business development for a company in Washington, DC. The owner of the company was wealthy, but frugal.

In return for a consulting assignment he offered me the car instead of cash!

My Dad was living at Lake Monticello in Virginia, near Charlottesville. He drove to DC towing a trailer to drag the Midget back to his house. For the next ten years he tinkered with the car on a daily basis. I’d fund the parts, he’s spend the time!

During those years in fall when the autumn leaves where at their most brilliant, I’d make trips up to run the car along the Skyline Drive with my Dad and his grease monkey buddies from the British Car Clubs in the area. It was awesome!

My Grandson with Great Grand Dad's Car

My Grandson with Great Grand Dad’s Car

In 2008 for by Dad’s 75th birthday we rented a handful of British cars from a local collector and along with the Midget a gaggle of us drove around the mountains, going from vineyard to vineyard, swapping cars and co-pilots at each stop!

It was a memory for a lifetime, it was also my Dad’s last birthday.

Shortly before my Dad passed he called me to Virginia to collect my inheritance, the MG Midget that I’d gotten for free and gifted to him a decade before.


What motivates me to write Realtor Rides is your story….where did your ride come from….what adventures have you had in your ride…how do you feel behind the wheel of your Realtor Ride….share your story with me over lunch..I’ll buy! or call me direct at 904-268-8211

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