Todd Tramonte – True Innovator in Real Estate Marketing and Sales

How Does the Former Owner of a “Discount” Real Estate Franchise  Now Sell Homes Averaging  6.7% about asking price in 47 days fewer days then market average and charge a 10% Commission?
Todd Tramonte on the Radio

Todd Tramonte on the Radio

It’s fascinating to take an insider’s secret peak into a business that is not in your competitive market.  What interesting things are they doing that you can do in your own business?  Yes, there is the temptation to say “my market is different”, but just for fun, imagine you were doing business like Todd Tramonte.

Todd began his real estate career while in college at Baylor University as an investor specializing in wholesale transactions and quick remodel flips.  After owning a major national “discount” real estate franchise office, Todd began in 2010 to build the Dallas “real estate office of the future”.

In 2013 54% of the homes in Dallas went unsold, yet 86% of Todd’s listings were under contract in less than 30 days, and an amazing 46% were under contract in less than 2 days!

The truly incredible accomplishment is that The Tramonte Team listings were sold on average for 6.7% above the market average for similar homes.

So confident has The Tramonte Team become in their ability to rapidly sell listings at top dollar they market the tag line “Home of the 7 Day Sale Guarantee”. That’s compelling, that’s courageous and it can be costly if you can’t deliver!

Who is this guy?….Todd Tramonte is a true innovator in real estate marketing and sales.  His experience as a discount broker taught him that “the only way to charge less, is to do less”. He was frustrated by constantly having to explain to sellers why their home was being only “listed” and not truly “marketed”.

Todd responded to his frustration with the discount model by flipping it on its head. He did not want his brokerage to be seen as a commodity, rather has an individualized consultative experience where the marketing plan was customized to fit the needs of the seller, the home and the existing market.

It is common that the costs to deliver this premium marketing package earn a 10% commission! Included for his clients is a pre-listing inspection and home staging paid for upfront by Todd’s Team. Management of any repairs desired by the seller is also handled.



In another departure from the norm, Todd’s team rarely meets at the seller’s home for the initial marketing consultation. By holding the sales strategy session at Todd’s office he can ensure a perfect presentation is made to an undistracted potential client. Also, this approach saves considerable time for the Team.

Todd does not keep his methods a secret from his peers. In addition to being featured on HGTV, Discovery and Travel Channels, he has also been a story contributor in the Chicago Tribune, Dallas Morning News and USA Today.

The New Rise In Real Estate Featuring Todd Tramonte

The New Rise In Real Estate

Todd is the author of the #1 Best Seller The New Rise in Real Estate and Live Free, The Art of The 2 Year Flip which is currently in its second printing and available on Amazon.

Todd regularly says “There is no such thing as normal in real estate”. He continually stresses the importance of expertise-driven client advisory service that respects the individual nature of each client’s needs.   Todd also often says, “Real estate is not a one size, one price fits all business.”

To be sure Todd Tramonte’s business model in not right for every Realtor, but there is something to be gained by anyone who watches what he does.   You can see more inside his business at or contact him directly at

Todd is an energetic teacher and entertaining speaker on the topics of real estate, small business development and his Christian faith.


Todd Tramonte

Todd Tramonte