Uncensored Sales Strategies by Sydney Biddle Barrows

Uncensored Sales Strategies: A Radical New Approach to Selling Your Customers What They Want-No Matter What Business You’re in…Even Real Estate!

Uncensored Sales Strategies

Uncensored Sales Strategies

With a gift for sales, Sydney Biddle Barrows, once known infamously as the “Mayflower Madam”, found wealth in selling her customers exactly what they wanted, and shockingly, it wasn’t sex! Yes, ultimately sex was involved, but if that was really her clients main objective, they could have gone elsewhere of a lot less money.

What business was she really in? Sydney Biddle Barrows made a fortune selling fantasies!

People buy fantasies every day.  They buy them from Porsche dealers and the day spas, and yes people buy fantasies from Realtors!

Reading Sydney’s book is fascinating in the way that she positioned her business in the market place. She choreographed every aspect of the customer experience. From the advertising to how the phone was answered, everything was a performance intended to create trust and demonstrate value.

Dress, demeanor, decorum and dialog were all blended together to deliver an extraordinary customer experience. While sex was an expectation, it was not the focus of the total customer experience.

When people choose a Realtor they expect to get a home, but satisfaction with the Realtor goes far beyond the physical house.

Today Sydney heads a respected sales and business development company using the “Sales Choreography” system that she honed in building the most successful escort service in Manhattan history. She is also a speaker in much demand, fetching hourly fees that would make most Realtors blush.

Wally with Sydney Barrows

Wally with Sydney Barrows

Having the opportunity to hear her share her secrets of Sales Choreography was a much anticipated part of my recent trip to Chicago. When we literally bumped into each other at the hotel just before the event things really got exciting for me!

Once settled from bouncing off the world’s most famous former Madame AND New York Times best-selling author, I introduced myself, and then thanked her for her contribution to the success of HomePro Inspections. This next part is somewhat surreal.

Sydney asked me to explain to her how “Sales Choreography” could possibly be integrated into home inspection. I shared with her that HomePro inspectors are always dressed in blue blazers for the initial client meeting, much like engineers or architects.  She was flabbergasted that a perceived blue collar service such as home inspection would have people dressed in blazers.

Now I was flabbergasted that I had gotten the idea from her, but she was flabbergasted that appearance was as important in my business as it had been in her old business. We were fast becoming flabbergasted friends.

Sydney Barrows on The VIew

Sydney Barrows on The VIew

We shared other business ideas together on how each of our experiences with sales and service could be applied to any and every business, even Realtors! Such fun did we have that we made a date do an interview together for her consulting clients.

Substitute the word “fantasy” for the word “dream” as in “The Dream of Home Ownership” and suddenly Sydney’s “Sales Choreography” program is amazingly relevant to real estate sales.

Her book “Uncensored Sales Strategies” is a fun read that is certain to make you smile, all the way to the bank! To learn more about Sydney’s programs visit www.SydneyBarrows.com