Why You Should Use a Certified Master Inspector

Certified Master InspectorDid you know that most of the 871 Florida Licensed Home Inspectors working in Jacksonville have inspected less than 50 homes?  

How can you keep them from killing your deal AND getting you sued?

That is NOT a typo…there are 871 people listed on the DBPR website as holding an active home inspection license in Jacksonville.  Sad truth is there were more home inspection licenses issued in Jacksonville last year then there were real estate licenses!

With so many inexperienced inspectors begging to do $199 practice inspections, how can you protect your customer, your deal and your liability?  Its’ safe and simple when you refer only Certified Master Inspectors!

The Master Inspection Certification Board awards the Certified Master Inspection (CMI) designation to only the best inspectors in the world. All Certified Master Inspectors are experienced, dedicated to education, and have a proven record in the inspection industry.

HomePro Inspections is an assertive advocate of the Certified Master Inspector program. The Director of the Master Inspector Certification Board, Nick Gromicko recently wrote:


                Nick Gromicko“It is remarkable that HomePro Inspections, a locally owned privately held company in Jacksonville Florida has earned the enviable distinction of having more Certified Master Inspectors on staff than any other inspection company not just in Florida, or even America, but the world!”Cer mast Letter





       “Beyond the value to HomePro Inspections, the Certified Master Inspector designation delivers peace of mind to homebuyers as well as a level of trust and confidence from referring Realtors that is without peer.”

The question of Realtors referring home inspectors is one you’ve discussed and debated.  Should Realtors refer home inspectors?  Should you refer one or several?  Or maybe just let the buyer figure it out on their own?

A Certified Master Inspector is Experienced, Established, and Professional.  When you share with your customer the value in choosing a Certified Master Inspector their peace of mind is assured, your referral is respected and your liability is dramatically reduced. It is the safest referral you can make.            Educated.    Vetted.   The Best.