Wally’s Reading: Jake Steinfield’s Book

Jake Steinfield and Wally Conway

Jake Steinfield and Wally Conway

“I heard about what you’ve been doing for other actresses around town and I want to talk to you about your services for me and a very close friend of mine too!”

To be sure I get a lot of voice mails about ladies in need of my services, but none quite like that one left on the answering machine of Jake Steinfeld.

It was a thrill recently to spend time with Jake as he told his tale of being a Long Island kid growing up with dreams of being Mr. America. Like so many of us, that childhood dream did not come true.  But it has worked out OK for Jake. With a blend of hard work and good luck he built the Billion Dollar empire known as “Body by Jake”!

The “very close friend” the actress was referring to in the message was none other than Francis Ford Coppola, director of the then recent Academy  Award winning movie “The God Father”.  Coppola introduced Jake to Steven Spielberg, who had just finished directing “Jaws”.

Jake and Spielberg became fast friends and soon Jake was the must have celebrity personal trainer.  Among the notables he has personally trained are Harrison Ford, Priscilla Presley and Bette Midler.  Jake was on location keeping the stars fit during all the Indiana Jones movies!

Being a personal trainer, even to the stars has it’s limitations.  No matter what your business  or who you do business with, there are only 24 hours in a day.  Jake had reached an income limit based on the limit of his time.  He had to find a way to amplify his time so that he could reach millions of people and earn millions of dollars.

Jake Steinfield's Book

Jake Steinfield’s Book

Luck again came Jake’s way when he got an unsolicted phone call from an unknown advertising guy from Atlanta.  The add guy was looking for 60 second fitness tips to air on something the guy called “cable television”?  That unknown guy was Ted Turner looking for  a fitness guy to feature on CNN!

Jake had never heard of Ted Turner, CNN or this thing called “cable television”.  But, Jake said yes.  His fitness tips were aired on CNN every day for 4 years.  Jake became a household name.

At about this same time the fitness craze was capturing American homes using a very special piece of fitness equipment…the VHS player!  Jane Fonda was the queen of the VHS machine with her workout tapes.  Jake saw an opportunity.  There was a vacant throne for a king of VHS fitness and Jake was prepared to take his seat.

Wally's Face!  Jake's Body?

Wally’s Face! Jake’s Body?

Yes, Jake’s story is much about jet setting around the world with some of the wealthiest and most famous celebrities of our time, but it’s also a story of a guy who continually turned failures into new opportunities and opportunities into fortunes.

I was impressed and inspired being around Jake.  I’ve got to look for ways to expand my existing business, be more open to new opportunities, be more attentive to my voicemail and for sure I’ve got to get in the gym!