What are the Inspectors up to

The “Barboury” Pirates

Super-Dad and Inspector Austin Barbour is focused on family!  He and his boys, Tyler and Dylan had an extra active summer playing pirate while exploring the pirate ship down at the St Augustine City Dock.

Austin and his Dad

Austin and his Dad

The Barbour Boys come from a long line of pirates, even Grandpa Barbour got into the act, but it was likely a swap out for a round of golf with Austin!

Another passion of Austin and the boys that was taking up a few evenings every month was visiting Caddy Shack Ranch for the night feedings of the big cats.  This event is truly one of Jacksonville’s hidden gems.

The travel website TripAdvisor ranks Catty Shack as the #1 of 91 most popular Jacksonville attractions, check it out at www.CattyShack.com

Allen Schimmelmann has been flying high with his kite flying at the beach.  Not content to simply fly one kite, Allen has had as many as 11 airborne at once on a single string!  Next time you’re at the beach, if you see a guy being drug out to see by a long string of kites, please rescue him, he’s got (2) inspections scheduled for the next day!

Rebel Rider Larry Newland

Rebel Rider Larry Newland

It’s always fun to ask Certified Master Inspector Larry Newland what he’s been up too lately. WHO he’s spending time with never changes, it’s always his beloved wife Jeannie and their granddaughters. Much of this summer they have spent hiking and picnicking in parks around Jacksonville.

Just to remind us of the rebel that he once was, Larry sent us a picture from back in the day of he and the Newland Gang looking like rebels without a cause!  That’s Larry in the white T-shirt!