What Shall I Do About the Clutter in My Garage?

Jacksonville Home Inspector Wally Conway shares video overview of  his own garage floor and garage storage challenges from is home in Jacksonville Florida. This is an overview of the garage floor, garage storage and garage cabinet issues that I face in my own home.

No matter how well you organize and condense your tools and materials there is nothing more important to maintain that clean transformation than with a quality garage floor. Florida is known for enduring both hot and rainy conditions on a regular basis. Treating this has become a major task for homeowners, but now we have a breakthrough in technology.
Best Technology on the Market

Garage flooring technology is always changing. Premier Garage of Jacksonville has revolutionized the garage floor coating industry with Premier NX floor coating. Premier NX is a newly developed, high-tech material that consistently holds up longer than any regular garage floor epoxy on the market today. It can handle the extremes of Florida weather with ease and reliability. Not to mention it is easier to clean and slip resistant.

In addition, installing regular garage floor epoxy can take anywhere from 1 to 3 weeks to fully dry, wasting your valuable time and exposing your car to elements. Premier NX epoxy can be ready in as little as one day, but even if conditions are difficult, Premier Garage of Jacksonville promises you will have your new, Premier NX epoxy garage floor ready after just 48 hours of prep time.

Using only the best garage floor epoxy products available in the Florida market, we assure you that purchasing a Premier NX floor will ensure comfort and stability in an unpredictable environment. Don’t hesitate to contact us. We are here to help you get the most comfort, stability, and protection out of your garage. No matter what the obstacles may be, Premier Garage of Jacksonville strives to give you the quality space you deserve.
Installation Time

Traditional garage epoxy floors will take anywhere from one to three weeks to dry while your vehicles have to sit outside! Well, waiting like this is a thing of the past. Premier Garage’s Premier NX will be ready in two days.
Experience the Beauty and Ease of Premier Garage Flooring

There are many different ways to customize a closet. The best way to start is by pinpointing what your individual needs and design tastes are. From there, a Tailored Living closet design organization specialist will work with you to decide which types of closet organizers will work best. Some of the closet organizers available through the friendly professionals at Tailored Living include:

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Jewelry organizers: Keeping necklaces and bracelets separated while keeping track of every pair of earrings can be difficult for someone with a large collection. A jewelry organizer is the ideal closet organizer for this situation.

Integrated ironing board: Ironing boards are often large and clunky, taking up much needed closet space. Tailored Living’s integrated ironing boards neatly fold away to maximize your space and reduce clutter.

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Imagine an attractive garage floor that is easy to clean and maintain, enhances lighting, and leaves you free from worry about stains and spills. Benefit from Premier Garage of Northeast Florida’s industry-leading knowledge, experience and technology. No other floor coating system will outshine or outlast our-state-of-the-art Premier Garage Floor Coating System. Our garage flooring system is available in an array of decorative chip colors.
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