What’s in A Domain Name?

3 Easy Ways to Use Domain Names to Help Homebuyers and Sellers Choose YOU!

Remember the dot com craze when internet nerds were selling domain names for millions? Toys.com was auctioned for $5.1 million, Beer.com brewed up a thirst quenching $7 million and someone laid down $14 million for Sex.com!  And the highest price ever paid for a domain name?……  VacationRentals.com  sold for $35 million…yes there’s big money in property management!

Domain for Sale

Domain for Sale

The days of capturing a really cool domain name then cashing in for millions are over. But the strategic use of domain names is important and can be profitable to your business.  Using real examples from my own business, here are 3 easy ways to use domain names to help homebuyers and sellers find you!

Domain Strategy #1- What makes you identifiable in the world is your name. EVERYONE should own their own MyName.com! It’s the most powerful and memorable of domain names.   And it gives you the ability to have your email address also be your own name.  When people ask me for my direct email address its’ easy for them to remember….wally@WallyConway.com!

When your email address is your name it also makes your web address memorable, and when they see or hear your web address they instantly see you the person in their mind. Try it….can you see the domain name WallyConway.com and NOT see my smiling face at the same time?

A Good Domain Name

A Good Domain Name

Yes it can be a challenge if your name is John Smith, but that’s when it’s time for creativity. Think about JohnASmith.com , JASmith.com, MrJohnASmith.com , TheJohnSmith.com you get the idea. You can even be JohnASmithRealtor.com When using “Realtor” be sure to comply with the terms of use, NAR is very protective of their property.

Blending geography into your domain name is another simple way to bring traffic in your direction. JacksonvilleHomeInspectors.com would be an example. That domain takes visitors directly to my blog. Your blog is a great way to stay connected to past customers as well as create a relationship with future customers.

Bye the way, I’m always looking for guest bloggers, so if you’ve got articles, I’ve got readers! Just email me your article with a few photos or a video and I’d be thrilled to promote you.  My email address is ….? Yep, wally@WallyConway.com  See how well that works!

Domain Strategy #2- Using niche neighborhoods is a great way to demonstrate specialty knowledge and experience.  Some examples include AmeliaIslandHomeInspectors.com, FernandinaInspectors.com, MiddleburgHomeInspections.com, OrangeParkInspectors.com, PonteVedraInspectors.com and StAugustineInspectors.com. You can also easily niche down to specific neighborhood like Avondale, Julington Creek or Springfield.

These niche domain names can be directed to the homepage of your website, to a specialty page within your website or to a website specific to that domain. I’ve got 242 domain names that are actively being used to promote HomePro Inspections.  It’s easy and affordable to manage hundreds of domains at GoDaddy.com, I’ve used them for years and recommend them highly.

Danica, Keeper of My  Domain Names!

Danica, Keeper of My Domain Names!

Domain Strategy #3- Another way to niche your expertise is with a specific home style or segment. Some examples from those being used at HomePro Inspections include DockInspectors.com, FramingInspectors.com, HistoricHomeInspections.com, InfraredInspectors.com, MoistureInspector.com, NewConstructionInspection.com, StuccoInspectors.com, WindInspectors.com, and WDOinspectors.com!

By using your niche domains strategically in each marketing piece that you create online or in print you enhance your position of expertise. This makes you very attractive to homebuyers and sellers who need to feel that you are their expert and a comfortable choice.

There are 871 licensed home inspectors in Jacksonville, marketing niche expertise makes it easy to choose an expert. Research has shown that the most comforting domain name in home inspections is MrHomeInspection.com  Check it out, then let me know how you feel by emailing me Wally@MrHomeInspection.com   You knew that was coming!

With over 6,000 realtors in our area niche knowledge is of even greater value to real estate agents. Lenders would also do well with this strategy.  And yes, you can market multiple areas of expertise, just not all at the same time.

So can you head to GoDaddy.com and snatch up a killer domain name then resell it for millions of dollars?   No, not really, but you can use GoDaddy.com and capture  key domain names to boost your business. You will be amazed at what can be yours.

Would it help you if we worked on your domain strategy together over coffee in my office or would you prefer we did a brainstorm session for your entire team at your office? Share your thoughts with me wally@MrHomeInspection.com