What’s Hanging Out in Your Crawlspace?

If a rodent, reptile or root eater naturally forages the forests of Florida there’s likely a few of its family members are creeping and crawling in your crawl space! HomePro inspectors revel what’s breathing and breeding below your bed while you sleep…..and how to get them out and keep it out!ro 

What’s the best part of being a home inspector?  For me it’s got to be putting on my scoot suit and diving face first into a crawlspace that’s dark, wet and tight!  It’s not quite the thrill of being back in my Navy pilot days strutting across the flight deck of the USS Saratoga, hopping into the cockpit and “slipping the surly bonds of earth” but it’s close.

xWally Conway Jacksonvillle Home Inspector crawl space2Silly as it seems, there is a special peace in your crawlspace that’s not found in any other place in your home.  It’s quiet and you’re always alone.  Alone, except for the creatures and critters that live there!

Every crawlspace adventure begins at the entrance.  The initial challenge is to squeeze my butt through it…rarely a problem.  Next issue is spiders guarding the entrance!

Spiders are smart! They know that edible insects want to live in the crawlspace so spiders build webs at the entrance.  It’s nice to know that once you’ve crawled thru the spider webs, there are no insects in the crawlspace.  The spiders have already eaten them.

Once inside the crawl space you can get a good guess of what’s living in there with you by how wet the crawlspace is.  Snakes and other reptiles favor really wet crawlspaces, rodents like it dry.  Rodents tend to nest in the beams above your head, while snakes crawl on the ground with you.  Would you like to belly crawl with me on our next inspection?

xrodent infraredThanks to HomePro’s advanced infrared thermal imaging cameras we can see rodents even in total darkness since rodents are much warmer than the crawl space.  No such luck with snakes. Snakes are cold blooded so their body temperature is the same as the crawlspace.  That makes them invisible in the darkness.  Maybe we need radar?

People just love seeing us looking clean and crisp before going into the crawlspace, only to emerge looking like a finalist in a Tough Mudder competition.  They appreciate our efforts and say they say nice things about us, that makes it all worth it.

“Austin was amazing! There was a crawl space with tons of duct work and pipes.  Not only did he squeeze through some very tight spaces, it had been raining for days in Jacksonville.  It was very muddy, he squirmed around in the mud!”- Anna Valent, HomePro customer

xJon Singleton - Austin Barbour mudd2Jon Singleton is Happy, Happy, Happy!

 You know that when your homebuyer is happy you can be happy! And when you’re happy, I’m happy too!  Phil Robertson would say that makes us all “Happy, Happy, Happy”!

HomePro always does a great job! They seem to have a super-human ability to squeeze into every noon and cranny to help my customers with a clear assessment of their investment.  Extremely thorough and that makes my buyers very happy!”- Jon Singleton, Watson Realty

When creatures are discovered living in a crawlspace you need them gone, gone far and gone fast.  And in a real estate transaction, you can’t be messing around with unlicensed amateurs.  Amazing as it is, there are a ton of both Florida State as well as Federal Regulations that govern the capture of animals.

The fundamental regulatory concerns you face are what animal is being captured, who is allowed to capture it, and where it can be released.  It would seem reasonable to hire some bubba to pull an unwanted turtle out of your yard.  But if that turtle turned out to be a gopher tortoise on the endangered species list, you might have just purchased a $50,000 bowl of turtle soup as well as jail time.

Where the captured critter can be released is also regulated.  This is especially important as it relates to poisonous snakes.  You don’t want a rattler removed from your listing only to discover that bubba dumped the snake in YOUR yard!

Also, there is an active black market for the sale of exotic animals.  This is not a world that you want FREC to find you in.  It’s just best to refer only properly licensed professional nuisance wild life professionals to handle your animal removal needs.


xRyan Boyd quick catch Tonya2Ryan removes “Wildlife” !

My go to guy for nuisance wildlife removal is Ryan Boyd at www.Quick-Catch.com Ryan gets it done efficiently, humanly and legally.  Ryan has a passion for ensuring the animals are safely relocated as well as an awesome focus on human customer service.  Got nuisance wildlife problems, call Ryan at 904-290-4164, you’ll love Ryan, he can also critter proof your crawlspace and attic.